Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Re-cap

Happy Monday everyone!

My weekend was simply delightful. Rehearsal went well on Friday night and Saturday was a lot of fun.
Jim and I got up, had breakfast, Jim ran some errands while I did laundry, then we went out shopping for Scooter’s birthday presents. :-)
Yes, present shopping for the dog. He’s going to be 2 years old on Wednesday the 11th...which also happens to be MY birthday.
That’s right folks….Scooter and I have the same birthday. It was fate.
When we first saw him and asked when he was born, they said February 11th. Jim and I looked at each other and laughed…and the rest is history.
Our goal was to find something for Scooter to sit on so that he can look out the windows in the den. We used to have our couch in front of the windows and he was ALWAYS sitting there, looking out the window.

Well, we rearranged the furniture and he lost his ‘viewing stand’, so we wanted to get something that would allow him to return to his favorite spot. Initially we were thinking that one of those cat windowsill platforms would work well, but we didn’t really like the ones that they had. Then we were looking at the cat scratching posts with various platforms, which could possibly work but those were way too expensive.

We decided to leave the pet store and look at Target to see if they had some piece of furniture that would work. Well, the FIRST thing we saw was ideal. It’s a square footstool (hassock, ottoman, etc…) with a removable top, that will be the perfect height for him to sit on and see out the window…AND we’ll be able to stow all his toys

This is what it looks like:

It was very exciting….and a lot cheaper than the stupid cat thing. I'm sure he'll love it.

After shopping, we met up with some friends to have dinner and see ‘The Producers’ at a local theatre. Dinner was very fun, and the show was a big hit.
After all was said and done, we were T-I-R-E-D, so we went right home, watched a little TV (SNL, which was quite funny) and then went to bed.

Sunday morning, I slept in a little later than normal (I got out of bed at 9!! Yikes) and Jim was already up, showered and had begun cleaning the hot tub. It was unusually warm, so it worked out well. Once that was done, we went grocery shopping, had lunch and took off for rehearsal. Rehearsal was great…especially since it was the first time we sang and did the choreography at the same time. That is ALWAYS a very challenging experience. It was exciting, mostly because it wasn’t a total disaster…far from it. It was surprisingly good…and will only get better.

Last night I watched the Grammys for the first time in my life. I thought it was OK...bordering on bad. I didn’t find it too exciting.

I loved everything about Jennifer Hudson, and it was nice to see Whitney Houston – unfortunately she still sounds like a crazy person. So much for her making a big comeback. Yikes. I enjoyed Carrie Underwood, in spite of her horrendous outfit…and the fact that her backup singer sounded better than she did…Ooops.
I think Justin Timberlake is quite cute and The Jonas Brothers should be embarrassed. Stevie Wonder should have told them to shut the hell up and get off the damn stage. They were awful. Miley Cyrus and Tayor Swift were not good and I don’t believe for one minute that they’re friends. I’m not even sure that they like each other.
It came across as very F-A-K-E.
That rap ‘thing’ they did, (led by that woman who is literally about to give birth) made me cringe. Incomprehensible rubbish.
Needless to say, I didn’t stay to watch the entire thing…sleeping seemed like a much better option. :-)

Enough of that...I'm getting back to work!!!!


RG said...

Well at least your lovely dog will have finally have something as handsome as he is to sit on, unlike that couch. :p

cb said...

That dog is so damn cute!!