Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm mellllting...I'm melllllting.....'s about 85 degrees at my desk.
How do they expect anyone to be able to function, let alone do their job in this heat?!?!?
It's insanity!!!
Well, it would seem that my 800mg of Ibuprofen is helping my back pain considerably. It's not 100% gone, but at least it's bearable. Hopefully after a few days of the meds and stretching, I'll be right as rain.
Thanks to you all for your blog help. I assumed that checking back to the comments you'd made would be the most popular answer, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
There's not too much to report today. We got a bunch of snow last night, which made my ride home REALLY irritating. I have to say though, seeing a fresh layer of snow, on top of the already dirty, icy, yuck snow banks made for a very pretty sight. It was really light and fluffy, and actually looked like the fake stuff that they make for the Department 56 villages. :-)
Don't say anything against Christmas's one of my favorite parts of decorating for Christmas.

This is an aerial shot of our 2007 village. I don't have the pictures from Christmas 2008 on my work computer, but there wasn't a huge difference between the 2007 village and the 2008 village.

Here are some close-up shots:
Hanging lights....

Pier 56...

The Doll Shop...

Well THAT was random...I blame it on the heat.

OK folks...tomorrow is Thursday, and as expected, the layoff rumors are FLYING around the office.

I'll keep you updated as the day goes on. Hopefully (if all goes well) you'll be hearing from me.



RG said...

Are you sure it's 800mg of Ibuprofen and not Crack you taking? Xmas stuff? Heather, what IS your damage?

AJohnP said...

I know, it was totally random, huh?

Thanks for the Heathers reference...I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!