Monday, October 20, 2008

Yes it's Monday...and it feels like it.

For all you readers out there who were worried about Jim's safe arrival in Germany, worry no more. I just heard from him a few minutes ago and he's currently wandering around Frankfurt, enjoying the scenery and taking lots of pictures. Granted, he informed me that he was lost at the moment, but I'm sure he'll find his way back to the hotel. I hope. :-)

The Red Sox season has finally come to a close. As much as I would have loved to have seen them in another World Series, I'm happy for Tampa Bay. They've had a pretty amazing post-season so far and I'm sure they'll continue to play well against the Phillies.
I'm glad that the Red Sox were able to keep things exciting right to the very end, as opposed to it all ending in game 5.
If nothing else, they went down with a fight!

Jim is in Germany once again (as you probably guessed from my first paragraph) so my schedule is a bit screwy. I brought Scooter to daycare this morning, since he spent a lot of time alone yesterday. He was MORE than ready to play this morning when I woke him up so I'm sure he'll have a great day with all his 'friends'.

The weekend was very fun...and as usual, quite busy.

Friday night I went to a little gathering for a softball teammate and his wife who are expecting a baby in a couple of weeks. It was very low-key but lots of fun spending time with the softball gang. I've mentioned it before, but they are so much fun to be around...and I'm not just saying that because some of them read this...believe me, if they weren't fun, I'd totally let them know.

Saturday morning I was all set to get up and go see some of the aforementioned softball teammates play flag football. A few of the guys on my team also play in the Boston gay flag football league. The gays just LOVE their sports!!!
Unfortunately I never made it to the flag football game because we had a ton of stuff to do around the house, and not nearly enough time to do it. I'll have to go another weekend when things are a bit 'quieter' around the house. I definitely want to see them play though. I'd NEVER survive playing flag football, the flashbacks to high school gym class are enough to keep me away...never mind the fact that it involves contact AND chilly weather.
I'm perfectly happy on the sidelines with my pom-poms and tight fitting sweater, thank you very much.

Jim and I cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, and while I walked the dog, Jim got a much needed (his words, not mine!) haircut. We 're-convened' in the early afternoon and began preparing all the appetizers for a little get-together we were having on Saturday night with some of our friends. It ended up being SO much fun (as I expected it would be). There were only 6 of us (including Jim and I) but we had a ton of fun, chatting and catching up. The food was all excellent...can I just say that Jim is such a good cook. Not only that, but everything that our friends brought over was de-licious as well. The brownies were great B, get over it...especially for breakfast on Sunday morning.

Apparently, Scooter thought the food was good as well. When we moved from the front living room into the den (in order to keep the conversation going with the Red Sox game in the background) I noticed that Scooter wasn't with us.
I went searching for him and found him in the front living room, standing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TABLE with all the food on it, enjoying a some of the chicken salad in endive that Jim had prepared. He heard me coming, grabbed one more appetizer, LEAPED off the table and took off to the other side of the house with the helpless appetizer in his jaws.
He's lucky that he's cute...and that I'm a total pushover.

Sunday morning, Jim and I woke up and went over to his parent's house for coffee. We haven't seen them for a while and his mother wanted to see him before he went to Germany. It was nice to see them, talk, and not be surrounded by all the grand kids. Who tend to make a LOT of noise.
On the way home, Jim and I ran a few errands and then he had to get home to finish packing.
We ate a quick lunch and before we knew it, the 'service' was there to bring Jim to the airport.

I started tech rehearsals for the show yesterday, so it was a good thing that Scooter was tired and didn't mind being left alone for a while. The rehearsal went well. We have a LOT to do before Saturday, but I have complete confidence that it will all come together in time.
Keep reading for more updates. :-)

One last thing...Scooter was mentioned on a blog last's a great blog for those who are fans of 'all things dog'. You should check it out, particularly the entry from October 16th. ;-)



Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. It was so very thoughtful of you and Jim. Please be sure to give him a big hug and kiss from us and thank him.

I look forward to talking/hopefully seeing you in November.


JC said...

I love Germany! Only really have flown into Frankfurt and taken the train from there. Berlin to North East or Stuttgart/Munich to south. Maybe you can swing an extra seat on one of those trips...

I checked Mr. Scooter Porcaro-Sullivan - what a cutie... I see where he gets his good looks from.

I guess I need to do a post on our fur-baby - Rowdy. He's a Yourkie pound puppy and has been a blast.