Friday, October 31, 2008

Pump it up!!!!


I'm in my orange sweater today....actually, it's Jim's orange sweater, but today it's mine. I'm pretty sure the only orange thing I own is a t-shirt, and I CERTAINLY can't wear that to work!!
What ever would my co-workers think of me?
Oh that's right...they wouldn't even care.
Don't get me started on my workplace dress code. Pointless!!

There was no rejection email in my in box this morning.
That's not to say it couldn't arrive at any moment, but it aint there yet!!!
I still haven't heard from my doctor, but I'm calling them later on this morning...the doctor I can call, the director I can't. ;-)

Jim and I carved our pumpkins last night....please excuse my glasses. My eyes were tired, so I took out my contacts. I try to NEVER be photographed in my glasses because I think they're hideous, but I keep putting off buying new ones...some day....some day.

This is Jim, preparing the pumpkin to be carved....

This is me....doing the same.....

This is Scooter....incredibly irritated that we're not paying attention to him.

Jim - displaying the finished product

Me, doing the same.

Don't forget to check back later this afternoon for the theatre and cholesterol updates!!!


Jim Sullivan said...

I don't think I ever notice whether your glasses are on or off. I think you're adorable either way.

Julie said...

Men, I LOVE your pumpkins!

RookieRuggerLSU said...

Love the goofy smile one :)