Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And you thought the weekend was long!!!!

I LOVE long weekends!!!

Hello blog world, did you miss me?!?!? I had a fantastic weekend, and I’m as pleased as punch to be back at work!!!! (sarcasm)

While I’m not at all happy to be back at work, the weekend was great.
Here's the scoop...

Friday – went to dinner with Jim (yes, at Ye Olde Standish Grille, our home away from home), followed by the Red Sox game at my sister-in-law’s house….VERY fun. They won.

Saturday – got up, played with the pooch, Jim made waffles for breakfast. (Yum-O!!!) The three of us then headed to Massasoit State Park for a little bit (OK, a LOT) of exercise. Scooter was a bit of a pain, but I think it was because he was SO excited and happy to be walking around. He was VERY ‘pully’ on his leash and had some obedience issues – oh well!). It was such a nice day and we took a bunch of pictures….which will be posted here soon.
Thankfully, the plan worked and Scooter was exhausted by the time we got back to the car. He slept the entire way home.
Saturday evening, Jim and I went up to Salem, MA to take part in the various Halloween activities that go on up there every year. We’ve both been to Salem before, but neither one of us had been up there as ‘tourists’ so it was kind of exciting. We ended up doing a lot of walking around, and went on a candle-lit ‘Salem Witch Trial’ walking tour. It was very interesting and a little bit spooky…I actually learned a lot about the witch trials that I’d never known before.
After the tour, we went to dinner at a little Italian restaurant called Ristorante Gioia that was AWESOME. The food was excellent, the service was great and it wasn’t too expensive.
If you’re ever looking for a great restaurant in Salem, I highly suggest it. (http://ristorantegioia.com/)
Of course, with all the stores and shops that we went into, the only stuff we bought was for Scooter.
I’m not saying what we bought, but let’s just say – photos were taken and will be on here soon.

Sunday – woke up, had b-fast, puttered around for a bit and then went to Jim’s brother’s house to help him move some furniture from their garage into their house. They just had all their hard-wood floors re-done and they look AMAZING! I’m totally out of shape because it hurt to lift things. Nice.
Once we had all the heavy stuff moved back into the house, Jim and I went grocery shopping and then Jim dropped me off at rehearsal.
While I was at rehearsal, Jim whipped up three different calzones for us to bring to the softball ‘gathering’ that we were attending that night. He never ceases to amaze me. :-)
After rehearsal, Jim picked me up and we went to Matt’s house in Jamaica Plain for the party. It was so nice to see my teammates again since I hadn’t seen most of them in over a month. None of them have seen me with my beard, and much to Jim’s dismay, they all said they liked it. Whether they meant it or not, they said it, and I took it as a compliment.

There will be a beard story coming up in the next day or two….you’ve been warned!!!!

They’re such a FUN group of guys to spend time with…YAY for the Scoooooops! (and all their friends)
By the way….we got to meet the guy that Kevin has been dating. His name is David. He’s very cute, friendly, has perfect teeth (jerk) and is a total saint for putting up with our endless attacks all night long.

Monday – woke up, ate, and played with the dog. I cleaned the bathroom while Jim tackled the rest of the house. Once the house was cleaned, Jim did a heap of ironing while I did the laundry and took Scooter for a walk. It was a very domestic day.
We showered and then went to Lowes, a few farm stands and then back home.

Purchases for the day – 2 large pumpkins, 4 small pumpkins, ½ bale of hay, large potted Mum, 1 ceramic bowl filled with gourds, 3 new bird feeders, 2 bags of birdseed, 2 containers to hold (and dispense) birdseed, 2 electric Jack-O-Lanterns, and a partridge in a pear tree.
I’m kidding – there was no partridge and no pear tree.

Jim made a giant chicken pot pie for dinner (that was ridiculously delicious) and then I went to rehearsal. When I got home from rehearsal the house had been transformed into a Halloween paradise. It was so exciting and such a surprise. Apparently, Jim went to Target and since all the Halloween decorations were on clearance, he went ‘hog wild’.
The house and the outside look great!!!!
I won’t go into details, but as I’ve mentioned a few times before, there will be pictures posted on here eventually.

OK, enough writing….I have a few stories lined up to tell over the next few days, and a ton of pictures that will be posted here at some point, so STAY TUNED!!!!

PS – Don’t even mention the Sox game last night. What. The. Hell.

PPS - My beloved [title of show] closed on Broadway on Sunday. From what I read, they went out with a bang. While I'm so sad it's closed, I'm beyond happy that I got to see it, and according to Jeff Bowen there are 'more tosadventures to come'!!! I can't even wait to see what they have up their crazy-talented sleeves. :-)


RookieRuggerLSU said...

What broadway show are you referring to? Oh and I have to mention the baseball game - GO RAYS!!! Hey you have to admit with the turnaround they have managed to accomplish WITHOUT big name, over paid players has been nothing short of remarkable.

AJohnP said...

The Broadway show I'm talking about is called [title of show].
I know, it can get confusing.

As for your baseball comment...as sad as I am about the poor performance of the Red Sox in the past few games, I can certainly appreciate the fact that the Rays are earning their wins. I don't want them to continue winning, but I do appreciate their 'spunk'. They just need to knock it off.

RookieRuggerLSU said...

That really is the title of the show? [tile of show]? lol odd title!

As for the rays, i don't think they listened to you! 13-4? OUCH!