Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh Canada!

I've been abandoned once again.

Jim is en route to Toronto as I type. Granted, he's only going to be gone overnight, so it's not a big deal, but the fact of the matter is...he's gone....leaving me with two hungry mouths to feed (my mouth included).

Actually it'll be fun. I'm meeting a friend for drinks tonight and hopefully we'll be able to catch the shit-show (also known as the Vice Presidential debate) at 9:00.

Now, I'm hardly a political expert, and I would never consider myself to be one, but this Palin thing is quite fascinating.

I've heard and/or seen the recent clips of her interview with Katie Couric, and I feel like I'm watching the early weeks of American Idol. You know...when they're purposely showing you the most cringe-inducing performers just because it makes for 'good' TV.

I get SOOO uncomfortable watching them struggle through their auditions, and I feel the same way when Palin opens her mouth. I sit there in a state of awe, talking out loud to the TV: "Stop...oh no...shhhh...stop talking....STOP TALKING!!!" It makes me sweat a little.

Hopefully I'll get through tonight unscathed (will Miller Lite in hand) and it'll be over quickly.

In other exciting news...the RED SOX WON!!! Yahoo! That's awesome. I only watched a little bit of the game, but it was a nice treat to wake up to that news this morning. promised...or at least as mentioned (I don't think I made ANY promises) here's a picture of me with my newest addition.

Keep in mind, it's only been growing for three weeks. Actually, it'll be exactly three weeks tomorrow since I've shaved (Happy Birthday Beard!! YAY!!) so it's still fairly new.

I'm hoping that it will fill in a bit more, which will make me happy...and I'm hoping that the grey-ness of it all isn't yucky.

Let me know what you think. I can take it.

As long as all comments are positive. ;-)


JC said...

a little grey is sexy and adds character - I'd continue the experiment... oh yeah, definitely continue with it

Anonymous said...

OK...FIRST OFF...let me just say that I had to find out about your blog through a friends blog. TOTALLY hurt by this...if you were in my car right now, I would kick you out and make you walk in a snowstorm.

Second off...glad to see your blog. Now, it is like being with you all of the time without having to kiss your scratchy beard. Yukon Cornelius. :-) I can probably give you a better critique once it has grown in more.

Love you!