Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's 'actual' post.

This is the post for Friday.
Not to be confused with the imposter directly below this post.
I was so busy at work yesterday that I didn't get to write until late in the afternoon. Once my post was written and approved by my editor (me) I tried to post it and the Blogger gods were all "Blogger isn't working right now...SORRY!".
I ended up sending a draft to my home email address and then posting it when I got home last night.

Anyway...ENOUGH explaining.

We had a run through of the show last night that pretty much sucked ass. There were several reasons for the suckage, none of which I'll mention here, but let it be known that I have COMPLETE confidence in myself and my fellow cast members and I'm sure we will make the theatre gods proud on Saturday and Sunday.

What's all this god talk today? I've mentioned gods twice already...I wonder what the underlying meaning is behind that? God only knows.

Jim is coming home today!
Little does he know that he's coming home to a sleep deprived husband and an off-the-wall Jack Russell Terrier. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see us even in our present condition. :-)

I'm done writing for now.
By the time you read my next blog entry, I'll have been to an adorable child's second birthday party, completed the run of my show, and had blood drawn to see how my cholesterol numbers are holding up.
Good Times.

Oh - and a special shout out to Miss Mississippi herself over at - you should read his blog.
It's fun, funny, and I bet you'll learn something in the process.

And for the sports fan in you, he also writes this one

It's where I go whenever I feel the need to be an athletic supporter.

On that note - I'm going back to work, God help me.

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