Thursday, October 9, 2008


Good Day!!

I didn’t write when I first came in this morning.
Not because I was too busy or anything (although I did get a bit of work done) but because I really didn’t have much to say.
Isn’t that ironic? On a blog entitled ‘I got somethin’ to say’ I had nothing to say.

Anyway, I’m writing now, while I wait for my 10 o’clock meeting to happen.
I can’t test at the moment, because the stuff that I’m supposed to be testing isn’t working correctly. That’s the lovely thing about being a tester. You test, you find a problem, and then you wait around until the problem is fixed before you can move on.
A lot of times, in order to fix the problem you discovered, the developers need to make a lot of changes. When this happens, it becomes necessary for you to test not only what you were originally testing, but a lot of other stuff that has been affected by the changes that had to be made. A total pain in the ass.
But whatever…it’s a job and I’m lucky that I have one.
Right? Of course right!! (thank you, Bock and Harnick).

Jim informed me yesterday that he’s most likely (90% sure) going to be returning to Germany again this month.
This is in addition to him going to San Francisco for that conference at the beginning of next month.
And no, I’m not going to San Francisco with him. I don’t want to talk about it.

EXTREMELY bitter, party of one??

So….that’s what’s new.
Clearly, nothing exciting.
Oh! The CSI season premiere is on tonight!!!
That’s exciting.

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