Friday, April 30, 2010

Am I blue?

It's Friday and I'm not nearly as happy as I should be about that fact.

As many of you know, I'm usually quite happy-go-lucky, but work and a few other things going on in my life really have me feeling yucky these days.
Work is the biggest culprit because my job is slowly turning into a one that I don't like.

The reason I left my previous job (9 years ago) was because I got to the point where I dreaded going into work every day and began to despise most of my day-to-day responsibilities.
Well, it seems that I'm heading down that path once again. 
I'm not nearly at that point yet, but I really don't see things getting any better.  At my previous job I supervised a team of 7 employees.  I did that job for about 6 months and quickly realized that I really hated managing people - vowing that I would never want to take a job like that again.  That promotion is what finally pushed me over the edge and out the door.
With the way things are going now, it looks like I'm slowly moving in that direction again. 
I'm not going to be managing a large group, but I'll be 'keeping an eye' on a certain number of people.  I'm going to be the one that they come to with questions, I'll have to make sure that they're kept busy, that they're hitting all their deadlines and if they aren't, I'll be the one that upper management turns to for answers.
Even better...all of the work that we're doing is on that application that we've all just learned and know very little about, so we're all pretty much clueless.
I realize that this isn't a lot of fun to read about, but hey - this is real ain't always puppies and rainbows. 

My biggest dilemma is that I'm kind of 'stuck' right now because not only is the job market incredibly crappy, but since we're in the waiting period as far as the adoption is concerned, I'm not too optimistic about the fact that even if I FOUND a job that I could walk in there and be like "And if you hire me, I'll need about 4 weeks or so off at any given moment so I can be a dad."
Oh well.....I'll keep plugging along and hopefully things won't be as bad as I anticipate.

Have a great weekend's supposed to be a beautiful weekend up our way.
As I mentioned the other day  - softball starts this weekend, so send positive thoughts my way at 3:45 tomorrow afternoon!!! 




Dead Robot said...

Ah. The dreaded "Team Leader" where you have management-style responsibilities yet not getting paid a manager's wage. And all the drama that goes with it.

I feel your pain. And I'm starting to feel the way you do too, about coming into work.

I have no advice. But I do walk by a garden to and from work and just before I pass it, I say to myself "Mental Brain Goo Wash!" and really look at the flowers. For a second, work leaves my head, replaced with colour and fragrance.

Keep your chin up! You're the most upbeat blogger I know!

Cubby said...

Do they know your history from your previous job? Maybe they ought to know at least some of it.

Thanks for the puppies and rainbows image. It let me fantasize for a few moments about being on a grassy hillside in a summer breeze with a dozen little puppies running and jumping all over me. It was pure joy.

Bear Me Out said...

I know you don't like it, but maybe you have more skills at it than you know. Employers keep putting you in that position - - -

That's part of my job i'm least fond of,too.

Ur-spo said...

if the intuition says 'go', pay attention to it.
Don't like the mind B.S. you into staying miserable in alleged security.

vilges suola said...

I'm currently in the only post I've ever had where I can say I am well paid. Still, I am bored senseless with it and nostalgic for the days when I worked for intellectual satisfaction but was perennially broke. Can't win.

cb said...

You know, it's quite okay to be "stuck". Everyone gets that way sometimes.

Keep plugging away!

Anonymous said...

I don't like managing people too.