Monday, April 12, 2010

The final week approaches....

I know this blog has been 'RENT heavy' the past month or so, but since it's been pretty much the ONLY thing that I've been doing lately, did you really expect anything less?
I promise that once the show is over - a week from today - I will not be talking endlessly about RENT. Instead you'll be treated to the details of my day to day, non-RENT-focused, thrilling life.

That being said, we had a great weekend of shows. As I previously mentioned, we were on the radio Saturday afternoon, and it went INCREDIBLY well.
The crew at the radio station couldn't have been nicer and they seemed really thrilled to have us there. They did an amazing job with the sound, mixing, etc...and according to Jim, it was the best sounding live performance that he'd ever heard on the station before.
I've been battling a cold (I really don't think it's allergies) so my voice hasn't been all it should be - especially for the last two performances, but thankfully I've got three days before I have to sing again and I plan to keep my trap shut, keep my talking to a minimum, and not sing at all.
I'm also going to grab some cough medicine because that's what's really making me crazy at this point. I'm not that congested, but the cold is settling in my chest and all the coughing I'm doing can NOT be good for my voice.

My sister, brother-in-law, his parents, and my oldest niece all came to the show yesterday afternoon and loved it. Most people who have come to see me in the show comment on my role as the pastor. It's literally three lines, but they apparently make an impact. :-)
It's crazy that people always bring that part up, in spite of it being such a brief moment. Hey - I'm not complaining, at least it's making an impression!!!

Some annoying news - Jim got into a car accident on Saturday night. BOO!!
Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, but his car isn't drivable (yes, his BRAND NEW car) so until it's fixed, we're a one car family. He was lucky that it wasn't worse than it was, but the damage doesn't look to be too bad. It's mostly damage to the left-front part of the car - but I'm pretty sure it's going cost a lot to fix. Hopefully the insurance will take care of it. It wasn't Jim's fault at all, and I'm sure Jim's insurance company will go after the offender's company with a VENGANCE!!!
From the looks of it, he'll need an entirely new left-front panel, a new tire, new lights on that side, and unfortunately a new hood. Clearly, this is all me guessing, as I know NOTHING about car repair, but based on what's dented/damaged that's what I'm coming up with. :-) I'll keep you posted.
Again - thankfully he's fine and the damage is minimal.

On the adoption front, at this point we've received, reviewed, and approved the final homestudy document. Now that we've approved it, it needs to be approved by our social worker's boss, her boss, and then finally, the regional director.
Once we have all of those approvals, the homestudy can be circulated to the various offices when children become available.
That means that we are only a few signatures away from being 100% done and waiting. For the most part, Jim and I are already 'there' mentally - but in the back of my mind there's a little voice that keeps reminding me that we're still not 100% finished.
Until we get that final 'you're finished' phone call/message, I'm still preparing myself for anything.
I'll be sure and keep you all worries!

Happy Monday!


Bear Me Out said...

You've had a lot of theater for the last month or so, and thanks for sharing it with us. Wow. Real live theater - and you get to be part of it. That's exciting for a wannabe like me.

Hope all the 'approvals' come through. Is the wait longer, more difficult, or the scrutiny higher for a gay couple?

AJohnP said...

@ Bear - The fact that we're a gay couple doesn't make the wait any longer (or shorter for that matter).
Once a child becomes 'available' (I know, it sounds weird) they take a look at his/her situation and find the best match. That's why the home study is so important. Since the people in charge of the child's placement don't know us personally, we have to make sure that the home study document is a true and accurate representation of not only of us, but also what we're willing and able to handle as far as the child is concerned.

Ur-spo said...

I am glad for your updates - sorry though about the accident.