Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Work = Craziness

Hello everyone!!

Sorry I've been so lame in the blogging department, but work has REALLY picked up recently. That's kind of a good thing, because it's keeping me busy and making the days fly by, but it's not so great because it's keeping me from doing all the fun stuff I used to do when the days were slower. BOO!!

I can't complain though...they're paying me to work, so that's what I shall do!!!

The other night Jim and I had a GREAT time with B, K, and {b}.
We went to dinner and then went back to their place for a 'Congratulations on completing your home study' ice cream cake. It was a small one, so we decided that it only made sense to cut it into 4 equal parts. :-)
Needless to say, I was THRILLED. I'm a big fan of ice cream cake.

Off I go to the wonderful world of testing....hope you're all doing well.

Here some great shots from the other night....thanks to B!!


RG said...

Well at least it's not ANOTHER post about Rent. LOL

You and Jim are going to make great parents.

Ultra Dave said...

Such handsomeness!