Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reality slap...

Good morning everyone!!

Work is TOTALLY bringing me down these days, so for now I'm going to avoid discussing it here.
Who needs to listen to me complain?!?! 

RENT went out with a bang and I'm thrilled with the way the entire thing ended.  We had an excellent weekend of shows and the cast party on Sunday night was a rip-roarin' good time.
I'll miss doing the show, but I'm thrilled that I had the opportunity to do a show that I've been a fan of for so long, and if I may say so - it was a pretty darn good production! 

I had yesterday off, which was very nice - although I'm still battling my cold/allergies and feel like I've been hit by a truck.  I must look like it as well, since one of my co-workers commented on my 'baggage' this morning.  Truth be told, I have some 'slight' - ok, GIANT bags under my eyes in spite of getting a full night's sleep last night.
Oh well, I'll go to bed early tonight as well and hopefully that'll do the trick. 

Last night we had B, K, and {b} over for dinner, followed by a trip to the local ice cream shoppe. 
It was a lot of fun, and Scooter was THRILLED to have someone to play with, who never got tired of playing chase. :-)

As always, I must give photo credit to B, for her amazing work. 


Bear Me Out said...

Pollen abounds! Ugh! Glad you had fun with friends. Ice cream always helps. Always.

RG said...

I KNEW you'd get ONE MORE mention of RENT in your blog somehow. LOL ;)