Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cold or Allergies? I LOVE a good mystery...

Happy Hump Day to one and all!!!

I'm a tad congested and have spent the past couple of days blowing my nose far too much for my enjoyment. Other than the stuffy nose and a few occasional coughs and sneezes, I feel just fine.
Give those facts and my EXTENSIVE medical background (sarcasm) - I'm guessing that I'm just battling allergies and not suffering from a cold.
Plus, Jim said it was allergies, so it must be true. :-)
I took some cold medicine this morning and already I feel much better and a WHOLE lot less congested. I'm very excited about that fact, given that I have 4 shows coming up over the next 4 days, and if I don't feel well, it won't be a very fun weekend.

Tonight I'm heading to softball practice and it's supposed to be SUPER nice out so I'm pretty excited about that.

Last night, Jim and I reviewed our home study.
That's right folks, the first draft of our home study is finished!!
Holy cow.
Our case worker sent it to us yesterday and we went through it last night. All in all, it's really quite good. We only had a few minor changes that we asked her to make, so hopefully it won't be an issue. She still has to add in the comments from my references, but once those are in she will be done!!

I was in hysterics when reading it because my best friend from college and I have a long standing private joke between the two of us about my class rank in high school. I'm always bringing up the fact that I graduated 7th in my class, and how that CLEARLY means that I'm wicked smart (really, that's not the case at all).
Well, I purposely mentioned it at one point in our family profile, and the case worker included it in the home study!! SO funny.

In other news, I got a corporate wide email this morning saying that they’re letting the leases expire on some of the company locations in Eastern MA – one of them being the building I work in. SO……it looks like I’ll be re-locating before the year is out. I’m not exactly sure which building, but I know it won’t be in Boston. I’m guessing it’ll be somewhere in the City of Presidents!!! GO TEAM!!!
Wherever I end up, it won’t be too bad I’m sure……change is good, right?!?!!?

Well, my peeps....I hope you're all doing well and enjoying some LOVELY Spring weather wherever you are.


Cubby said...

If biological parents did even one tenth the preparation that adoptive parents do, this world would be so different, so much better.

At first I thought you were announcing that you guys were going to have to relocate to Washington, DC (the City of Presidents?). I wondered how you could be so calm about it! So I dug into it more and figured out what you were saying :-)

Ur-spo said...

peeps? your followers are peeps? oh dear!!

camilynn said...


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