Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo!!!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo to one and all!

No, I'm not really celebrating the day, unless you consider attending a 3 hour training class a celebration.

I'm heading out the door in a moment (to attend the aforementioned class), but wanted to give a quick re-cap of the FABULOUS weekend I just had. 
Jim and I went to see 'The Great American Trailer Park Musical' on Friday night and LOVED it.  (More on that in another post.)

Saturday kicked off the softball season and it was a gorgeous day.  We played very well and came away with a win.  Saturday night, Jim and I went out to dinner with his parents to celebrate Jim' birthday.  It was a fun night and nice to see his folks.

Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast and then the two of us headed into Boston. 
Jim had a rehearsal for a staged reading that he was part of and I had a softball game. 
We didn't win the game, but we played VERY well.  At one point we were losing 15-5, but came back towards the end and had a final score of 20-15.  I played especially well (if I may say so myself) and came away from the day with a two-run home run, a triple (which brought in 2 more runs) and a single that also brought in a run.  :-)  I was very happy.
After the game, I headed home, took care of Scooter, showered, and then went directly back into Boston to see Jim in the staged reading.  He did a GREAT job, and the play was very good.  I'm interested in seeing where it goes from here.  Hopefully, Jim will still be a part of it, and if so, his character will get more to do.
He was definitely one of the best people in it, and I'm not just saying that because he's my husband. :-)
After the show, we grabbed a drink with some of the cast and then Jim and I went to Newbury Street for dinner.

Monday was Jim's b-day and in spite of some early morning drama (more details later) we had a great day.  We went shopping at the mall, out to lunch, and then met up with K & B later that night to go to the Red Sox game.  Jim's sister bought me the tickets for my birthday, but the actual game was on Jim's birthday, so we all won!!!  Including the Red Sox who scored a whopping 17 runs that night. 
It was a GORGEOUS night for baseball, we had excellent seats, and a ton of fun at the game.

OK - I'm taking off, but I owe you a more detailed post at some point soon about the show, the birthday morning drama, as well as some before and after 'yard photos'....yes, we got some 'work done'. 

Here are some opening day pictures for your enjoyment.....

Jujube, the third runner up on RuPaul's Drag Race threw out the first pitch...

He did a GREAT job, and threw a FABULOUS strike.

This is my teammate Kevin and I, returning from our 'post-opening ceremonies' lunch.

Me, hard at work!!

Who am I to ignore a camera??

Aaaaand back to work....


Dead Robot said...

Around our house "yard work" means "man-scaping". Are you sure you can show photos?

RG said...

Seeing the pics of softball makes me miss the league this season - a little. LOL

And you got to me JuJuBe - I'm pissed that I didn't! I'm just glad that BITCH Raven didn't win. Ha!