Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back from P-Town and ready to work....

Well, I’m back at work.

After being out of the office for two days, I came in this morning to find over 200 emails in my in box. That is a far cry from the last time I was out of the office for about 5 or 6 days and came back to a whopping 50 emails…..about 4 of which were work related.
I told you that things were changing around here!!
Speaking of…we have a big meeting today at 2pm with everyone that reports to my V.P. No one knows what it’s about, but I’m guessing that a re-org is on the horizon. If I were a betting man, I’d say that I’m going to come out of it with a new boss. I’ll keep you updated and we’ll see if my prediction comes true.

Jim and I had a great weekend away.

Friday morning we got up early, dropped Scooter off at day care for the weekend and made our way to P-Town. We arrived there in fairly decent time, went for a walk on the beach, collected some pretty rocks (something we always do when we go to that specific beach) and then headed into P-Town for lunch.
We ate lunch, walked around for a bit, checked into our hotel and then met up with some of the softball folks that had also arrived earlier that day. After meeting with them, we went to get Jim a tattoo!!! For the longest time he has wanted a tattoo of Curious George in his space suit, and he FINALLY got it. The tattoo artist did an AMAZING job, and Jim handled the entire thing like a pro. I have one tattoo, so I knew what he was ‘in for’ and was able to convince him that if I could do it, he could do it. As I mentioned, he did a great job, and it was an excellent experience. For dinner that night, one of my teammates and his husband hosted a team BBQ at their place (they own a place down there) which was very fun. We were there for a bit, and then Jim and one of my teammates went out carousing, while I stayed for a little while longer. I was a bit tired, so I just went out for a few more cocktails and then headed to bed.

Saturday morning, a few of us went to breakfast (Jim slept in for a bit) and then headed to the softball fields. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we won both games we played. It was a GREAT way to kick off the season – even though they were both ‘exhibition games’ we played really well and tried to take both games as seriously as possible, yet sill have a lot of fun. After the games, we went to Bayside Betsy’s (our sponsor) for lunch. We were all in our uniforms, which I think Betsy got a kick out of. She was thrilled to hear that we won both our games and we had a great lunch there.
Jim and I headed back to the room for showers and a nap and then got up and went to dinner downstairs at the Crown and Anchor (where we were staying). Dinner was great, followed by more drinking and dancing (yes, I actually danced) into the wee hours of the morning…..very fun.

Sunday morning, the majority of us met up back at Betsy’s for brunch and then a lot of the guys took off for home. Jim and I (and a handful of others) were staying until Monday, so we made Sunday our shopping day. The weather was fairly overcast (but not raining) so it was a perfect day for that. We bought some really great stuff and it was nice to spend some time alone. We got a few cool things for the baby-to-be, including an amazing ‘baby book’ that is made specifically for adopted kids and their families. We (of course) were both getting all teary reading it in the store, so we decided that it was something we HAD to have. We also bought a great piece of ‘art work’ for the nursery. It’s kind of hard to describe, but once it’s up I’ll take a picture of it. It’s essentially a ‘chain’ of six monkeys (made of colored metal), linked arm in arm that hang from the ceiling. Think of the ‘Barrel of Monkeys’ game, but they’re, flat, metal, and different colors. It’s very fun.
Sunday afternoon/evening was made up of more cocktails, dinner, and fun with friends.

Jim and I woke up early on Monday morning and left town fairly early. We did get stuck in traffic for a bit, but it wasn’t anything too severe. We picked up the dog (who was just as tired as us) and then headed home. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and then Jim made an awesome homemade Chicken Pad Thai for dinner. We watched HOUSE, and the finale of Ru Paul’s Drag Race…..the perfect end to a ‘near-perfect’ weekend.

Have a great day.

I’ll post some pictures either later today or tomorrow……really, I will.

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Bear Me Out said...

Great pictures! Glad y'all had a great time. One day (one day) I too shall get to P-Town.