Friday, October 23, 2009

Times is hard....times is hard.

For those of you who read this blog and aren't show-queens, the title of a today's entry is a 'Sweeney Todd' reference. The original Broadway cast. Not either of the revivals. Not the movie. We're talking about Angela, and no one else.
I'm a purist. :-)

However, the title is also a reference to the way things are going with our adoption process.

Unfortunately, we've made absolutely no progress since submitting our application 120 days ago.
That's right....we mailed in our application one hundred and twenty days ago. At first we thought we'd be starting classes sometime after the 4th of July...then we hoped it would be sometime in August...then we were told that we were GUARANTEED to be in the next round of classes and we would be receiving our 'formal' invitation two weeks before classes began, which was supposed to be at the end of October/beginning of November.
Well, it's nearing the the end of October and we haven't heard a peep from anyone. Not only that, but I spoke to our 'contact' person last week and she had no information. Due to her lack of info, she suggested that I call her boss. I've left messages with her boss twice at this this point -once last week and once this week and I have yet to receive a return call.

I know (from various sources) that much like the rest of the state, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families are in a really unstable position right now. They've suffered through several rounds of lay-offs and there are probably going to be more heading their way. That's all well and good, and I COMPLETELY understand - but no return call? That's just rude.

It's really difficult for us because we're totally up against the wall with this one. It's not like I can call her everyday and become a complete pain in the ass. Actually I could, but the problem is that the person I'm calling is the woman who runs the entire adoption program for our district and the last thing I want to do is to get on her bad side before classes have even begun. Does that make sense???

Believe me, I understand that she's probably very busy and extremely overworked, but it takes about 5 seconds to call someone and let them know what's going on. That's all I'm looking for. I don't expect a miracle, just a little information.

End of Rant

That being said, I think Jim and I are going to start thinking about other adoption routes. Whether it be looking at private agencies, different areas, whatever...I'm not sure yet, but it's pretty clear that going through the state clearly isn't the best option at this time.

Don't worry though. We're well aware of all the scams and un-trustworthy people out there who are just looking to make a buck (like those poor families in New York last month that paid out a ton of money to adopt non-existent children....yikes) so we'll be super careful.

Speaking of children, I have to pick up my sister's pup after work today!!! I can't wait to see how it goes this weekend. I hope that he and Scooter get along OK....I'm sure there will be stories on Monday.

Have a great weekend and thanks for listening. xoxo

This isn't actually Miner, but this is what he looked like the last time I saw him a few months ago....ridiculous.

He probably looking more like this these days....


Larry Ohio said...

"For those of you who read this blog and aren't show-queens..." Am I the only one?

I'm sorry things are going so slow with the process. But don't give up on them now. After four months your file must surely be nearing the top of the pile by now.

If they won't return your calls, perhaps a personal visit is in order? Can you go down to the office and charm the over-worked ladies and get some answers?

RG said...

If you'd like more info on adopting kids, send me and email, and I'll give you the name of the guy on my softball team, along with this partner, adopted two kids from Columbia. BTW, be prepared to shell out $50K per child.

Stephen Rader said...

Best of luck with your adoption. I have faith that you'll be vacationing "By the Sea" with your children in no time.

(I'm sorry. I had to drop another SWEENEY reference. It couldn't resist)

- signed "Another Angela Lansbury Purist"

Kyle said...

John, I'm really sorry the two of you aren't making more headway in the adoption process. I know you don't want to isolate the few people you do have as contacts, but I think you do need to be aggressive. No on else is going to do you a favor or work in your interest. I'm sure they are overburdened, all the more reason to keep on you toes. Looking at other alternates is smart move on your part.

When it comes to theater shows, I'm not a purist, but I do understand your passion for special theatre performances. If we were talking about films I'm much more of a purist and not kind to many remakes or adaptions.

cb said...

Perhaps it's time to adopt a homeless pet instead? They are easier to potty train, and cheaper to feed.

CJ/Rick said...

Sorry for all that red tape. I'm sure it is frustrating as it can be.
Glad you survived your test and you weren't taken advantage of while you were under the influence.

Ur-spo said...

the start of your entry made me smile; Sweeny Todd was my first ever Broadway musical.
I too am sorry for your frustrations. I hope it works out.