Monday, October 26, 2009

Late to the party....

Hello everyone and Happy Monday!!!

Sorry I didn’t write earlier, but I had a wicked busy morning.
For those of you not from the Boston area, let me translate: I had a very busy morning.

Anyway…I’m writing now, so settle down.

The weekend was fun, but for once, it felt really long. As you may recall, we were dog sitting for my sister’s four month old beagle this weekend.
Everything went well, in spite of Scooter being VERY jealous and Miner (that’s the puppy’s name) wanting to play all the time – as puppies do.
All in all it was quite fun having two dogs around the house, although I forgot how ‘challenging puppies can be. Yikes.

This is him…..ain’t he cute?!?!?

Friday night Jim and I went out to dinner with our friends Kelly, Mattie and Katie which was very fun. We hadn’t seen them in a long time, so it was nice to catch up.
Saturday we spent the morning around the house playing with the pups, went out shopping with Jim’s mother and our niece Molly, grabbed some lunch while we were out, and then headed home. Jim made an AMAZING squash soup for dinner and then he and Charles headed down to Hyannis for the night. Charles was going to a Halloween party that he goes to every year and wanted us to join him. Unfortunately, we were watching the dogs, so I just stayed home and Jim went down there for the night. He was able to get a cheap hotel room, so he wouldn’t have to deal with driving all that way after being out late. It was a VERY smart idea. I had a relaxing night on the couch with the two dogs. Of course we had some CRAZY weather that night. It was so windy and rainy that I thought the roof was going to blow off and I’d have to take shelter in the storm cellar. Dorothy!!!
From time to time, Scooter would hear the wind outside and start barking, which would cause Miner to start barking. However, Miner is still little, so he was totally freaked out by Scooter’s reaction. I ended up with one dog running around, barking like a loon and the other one barking his puppy-face off, but running on and off my lap because he was afraid to leave my side. It was kind of insane. Once the rain slowed down (and they were completely exhausted), we all were able to sit on the couch and relax. It was nice.

Sunday morning I got up around 8am (good dogs!!) and within a few minutes of me being awake, Jim came home. I was happy to see him, but also slightly surprised. I assumed that he’d sleep in and then go out for breakfast (hell, that’s what I would have done) – but I guess he woke up early and headed right home.
We had some breakfast, took showers, went grocery shopping and then went to his sister’s house to watch the Patriots game. Shortly into the 2nd quarter I headed home to meet my sister, who was coming to pick up the dog. Once he was gone, I headed back to Jim’s sister’s house to watch the rest of the game. We didn’t end up staying for the whole thing (since they were winning) because we had a bunch of stuff to do at home.
Last night was PUMPKIN CARVING NIGHT!!!! Fun.

I won’t go into a lot of detail, but my pumpkin came out OK. It was a very detailed stencil (I decided to challenge myself) and it was pretty complicated, so I’m happy that I at least finished it. Whatever….it’ll be a pile of mush by next week anyway.

Here are some pictures of the house all decked out for Halloween, as well as some pics of Scooter in his Halloween costume…..happy happy.
If you want to see more, you can check out my flickr account by clicking on the do-hickey on the left side of the screen.

This is our front door decor....

Jim's, huh?

This is, it's not looks better from far away. :-)

Don't worry, he got lots of treats....

My favorite one...


Larry Ohio said...

Awwww. Could Scooter be any cuter?

Jim said...

Scooter does not look like a happy lil' pumpkin.

Ur-spo said...

those are awesome pumpkins! beautiful !

RG said...

Great pumpkins! I can't carve a pumpkin worth shit. I usually just end up smashing my pumpkin to bits and the putting a candle on the pile of pumpkin mush! "Happy Halloween Bitches and get away from my door you little snot monsters!" LOL

Putting Christmas plush antlers on my dog was bad enough, but a puffy pumpkin outfit on your dog? Scooter is going to chew up your tv remote in revenge; You do know that don't you? (giggle)

Kyle said...

John, great looking pumpkins! Scooter looks adorable in costume. Of course Scooter is a terrier, and I'm partial to terriers.