Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday PJ!!

Today is my sister PJ's birthday. She's the middle child (yes, I'm the youngest, in case you couldn't guess) and I can never remember how old she is....which I'm sure she appreciates. :-)
I probably won't see her today, but I'll definitely give her a call to say hello and wish her a happy day.

In honor of her birthday, I give you this.....which I know most of you have seen - and appreciate:

Oh Tuesday.....let's see.....there's nothing too exciting to report in my life at the moment.

I got some stuff done yesterday afternoon when I got home from work, so that was nice. I put away the Mosquito Magnet for the season, (next Spring we have to have it checked out...last time we tried turning it on, it wasn't quite working correctly and I think it needs to be repaired) took out the screens on the back porch doors and replaced them with the storm windows, brought the umbrella, the cushions for the lounge chairs and the pool toys down into the cellar and started to 'tidy up' the porch itself.

I'll do a little bit more today, so that hopefully by the end of the week it'll all be done! Then we can put up the plastic on the outside of the porch...which is always a fun job. :-)

Tomorrow is my gastroscopy, and I'm a tad nervous. I've been feeling a lot better, so I'm assuming the Prilosec is doing its job. I still have that 'odd' feeling at the back of my throat, so maybe they'll see something when they're in there searching around. If not, at least I'll know that nothing is wrong with me, and I'm just crazy. Kidding.

Of course, all I keep thinking about is going in there for this 'routine' test and never waking up again....or waking up in 10 years and not knowing that I've been 'out' for that long. That would be craziness.

Clearly I watch too much TV.

Well my friends...I must be getting back to work. Look for a post in a day or two about my 'experience' - or if you don't hear from me, check back in about 10 years or so. ;-)



Ur-spo said...

good luck with the test.

cb said...

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