Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Wow. I seriously can not believe that it’s October already. I suppose that’s what happens when you have a busy September that includes a week and a half long vacation.

Anyway, it’s October and I vow to be a better blogger this month.

So….work has been so busy lately that I’ve been working like a loon. That’s partially why my blogging has slacked off a bit. I may try and adjust my ‘blog schedule’ so that I’m catching up on my friend’s blogs and tending to my own blog entries at night, as opposed to during the day.
What a concept, huh? I’m still undecided about that though. It’ll have to depend on what work is like over the next few weeks.

Nothing too exciting has been going on this week, although to be honest, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed lately.

Poor Jim was sick at the beginning of the week but he’s feeling MUCH better now and is back to work.
His car is giving us grief and is being looked at today by the local mechanic (who’s a long-time friend of Jim’s family). Initially we thought it was an issue with his battery, but I have a feeling that his starter is gone. Whatever it is, I’m hoping that it won’t be too expensive. Fingers crossed.
Adding to my stress is the fact that our pool is being closed this week. Normally it’s not a big deal, but I’ve noticed that the water level is getting lower and lower as the weeks go by. I’m pretty sure that there’s a leak of some sort and that is sending me into a panic. I’ve come to learn that NOTHING associated with pool repairs is cheap and the thought of having to repair a leak makes me nervous. I’m hoping that it’s a minor repair and something they can take care of quickly so that we can get it fixed and close up the pool for the winter.
On Sunday, Jim and I are ‘playing’ (is that the right term???) paintball with a bunch of softball friends and we’re hosting a BBQ afterwards. This too, has me a tiny bit stressed. We have to get the house and yard in order and I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed about that as well. Not to mention the fact that it’s supposed to be rainy all weekend and it’s very likely that we’ll have a house full of rain-soaked, paint-covered gay men this Sunday.
Hold on….that actually doesn’t sound that bad. :-)

OK – let me think…..we’ll probably find out about the car situation this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the latest and the pool people are coming tomorrow, so those questions will be answered as well. Jim got paid yesterday and I get paid tomorrow, so if we have to spend more money than we were planning on spending, at least it’ll be there to spend. We have all day Saturday to clean and get everything in order…and to top it all of - every gathering we’ve had with our softball friends always ends up totally laid-back and a good time, so there’s really nothing to be stressed about, right?!?!?!?

Ahhh….I feel MUCH better….isn’t blogging nice?

Happy October to one and all.

PS - this was me last, I completey forgot. :-)

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Jim said...

I like the beard!

I know I can hardly believe it's October already!!