Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to life, back to reality...

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

I'm back to work after a long, but fun weekend. It's rainy and cold out, which makes me very happy that I have an indoor, office-type job. On days like this I'm glad I'm not outside delivering mail or building something. That would be yucky.

The softball tournament in RI was a LOT of fun, but unfortunately we didn't do too well from a softball perspective. :-)
Due to a rain delay, the Round Robin games on Saturday morning (to determine our seeding) were super quick and were 'One Pitch' games. I'd never played a game like that before. The way it works is that they throw you one pitch and that's it. You either swing at it or let it go by. If you hit it and it's fair, you run. If you miss, it's a strike and you're out. If you let it go by and it's a strike, you're out and if you let it go by and it's a ball, you take your base.
Those are your options. CRAZY.
Needless to say, it was a tad nerve wracking, but it certainly made for a quick game!! Not to mention the fact that they were limited to a half hour to begin with. Yikes.

Anyway...we lost both games in the Round Robin, won our first game in the Double Elimination round and then lost our second game (the 4th game of the day for us on Saturday). After playing all those games, I was SOOO tired and ready for bed. A bunch of us went out to dinner and I opted to go back to the hotel and go right to bed after dinner. It was an excellent choice.

We got up on Sunday morning, played one more game and lost. That was our second loss, so we were totally out of the tournament at that point. I stuck around and watched once more game and then headed back home.
Even though we played pretty poorly overall, we had a lot of fun. We had a few players from other teams in the Boston league that joined us for this tournament, which is always fun. A big shout out to Jon, Brian, Chris, Justin and Darryll for playing with us....I think they all had a good time and if I forgot anyone...ooops.

On Sunday night, Jim and I went to a local benefit/pasta dinner with his entire family, which was very fun. After dinner (and a very disappointing Patriot's game) Jim and I met up with everyone back at his sister's house for more drinks and a quick board game. I forget the name of it, but it was really fun. Hmmmm....I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Yesterday, Jim and I both had the day off so we put away all our summer clothes and brought out the fall/winter wear. After that, we went out to the store, bought a new bird feeder for the backyard (I love bird feeders) as well as a few pumpkins and mums for our 'fall display' in front of the house. I'll take a picture and post it here at some point....really, I will. It looks very autumnal and festive. I like it.

When we got back inside, we discovered the ghost had paid us another visit. :-)
OK - I'll put it this way....we noticed some more 'weird' stuff, in the front living room that we couldn't exactly explain.
There were the remains of a shattered light bulb sitting on the table, which had clearly come from the lamp sitting on the table. When Jim went to remove the rest of the bulb from the lamp, he asked me to unplug it, but it was already unplugged. Do light bulbs just shatter for no reason? In an unplugged lamp? Maybe they do....but if they do, are all the pieces sitting neatly on the table, below the lamp? With nothing on the floor? Weird.
Also, we noticed that the digital picture frame in the room was turned on. Neither Jim nor I turned it on, and we know it wasn't on when we were in there switching around our clothes earlier that morning. One of the barn stars we have hanging on our wall had fallen off the wall and was sitting on the day bed beneath it, but since that's happened a couple times before, I'm not blaming that on the ghost....just a bad nail.
The last odd thing is that while Jim was sitting in the room, documenting the latest 'incident' in the 'house journal' that we're keeping, Scooter was sitting on a chair in the corner, turned his back to Jim and was sitting there, staring at the corner of the ceiling until Jim called his name and he finally looked away. Very interesting.....

Well, my peeps.....I need to get myself back into 'work mode' and get some stuff accomplished.

Have a great day...I'm happy to be home. :-)

PS - My car is all fixed! (at least for now it is) I brought it in to be looked at on Friday afternoon, and it turns out that when the kid gave me a new antennae to replace the recalled one, he replaced it with the exact same, recalled type of antennae. Awesome.
So, I actually never got rid of the 'bad' one....I just got a new, 'bad' one installed. This new guy put in the correct (non-recalled) antennae and it's been just about 4 days without my car starting on its own once....which is a huge improvement.

PPS - Thanks for all the 'glee' comments. You've all convinced me to stick with it and give it a few more chances. We'll see what happens.



Jim S. said...

The game was Battle of the Sexes...also my status for FB was the same as the title of this blog!

A Life Less Complicated said...

Jim and John - I totally noticed your matching status/title! :)

Also, two things:

1. I read somewhere that to get a busted lightbulb out of a lamp, you could use a potato cut in half to unscrew it..

2. I LOVE the idea of a house journal. Bob gives something like that to his clients after they close. I just think it's so cool that you're recording funny/odd events in it as well :)

AJohnP said...

Battle of the Sexes...YES.

That's fun about the title coincidence. Apparently we're on the same page. :-)

RG said...

Even softball in the rain is fun, because you get to run around in the mud with abandon and feel like a kid again. Which, btw is important at your age. (giggle)

Larry Ohio said...

My dog acts the way Scooter does sometimes. I'm convinced that dogs can see ghosts.

Ur-spo said...

tell the ghosts to knock it off or you will be cross.