Friday, October 16, 2009

Let's get this weekend started!!!!

I'm SO ready for this weekend to come.
Thanks for all your kind (and HYSTERICAL) comments on yesterday's blog entry. I couldn't stop laughing. So many of you seemed to doubt that my 5 beer total was accurate.
How interesting. :-)

The weather here is COLD and rainy...another day to be grateful that I have a job that keeps me indoors. I just got off the phone with my friend Kerry in New Hampshire, and she said it's snowing there....enough to cover the cars in her school's parking lot.
Good Lord....I am NOT ready for that yet.

Tomorrow, Jim and I are going to Ben's 3rd birthday party!!!! (Ben is the adorable child who is always showing up on my blog) I can't believe he's 3 already. It seems like it was only yesterday that they were at the airport bringing him home. VERY exciting. I'll bring my camera and take pictures....or steal them from Barrie's blog over the weekend. :-)

On Sunday, we're going to the christening of our friends Charles and Jerry's twins - Cameron and Cassidy. It was a very last minute thing (they decided on Wednesday night they were going to do it) but I'm sure it will be fun. We've never been to their church and they keep trying to get us to go, so it'll be a nice excuse for us to go.
Not that we need an excuse, but you know what I mean.

That's the excitement that we have planned this weekend. The weather is supposed to remain crappy all weekend, so I don't think we'll get around to finishing up the yard as we'd planned (putting away all the summer stuff and wrapping the screened-in porch up in plastic) but if there's a break in the weather and we're home when it happens, I'm sure we'll try to fit it in.
Have a superb weekend and I'll talk to y'all on Monday!!!!

This is Jim and I with the odd chance you forgot who Ben was :

PS - I've been kind of obsessively listening to the Original Cast Recording of 'In The Heights' since I've bee back from New York. The national tour is coming to Boston in January and I REALLY want to see it it.

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Amy said...

I read "I got off the phone with John Kerry...". I was like 'what the.....oh....not JOHN Kerry....' Ha ha....I'm stupid.