Tuesday, October 6, 2009

'Sorry, Wrong Number!'

No, not this one....

THIS one

'Sorry, Wrong Number' is a benefit that takes place each year at SpeakEasy Stage Company in Boston where several members of the Boston theatre community perform musical numbers that they would normally NEVER perform.
For example: a small white woman belting out 'And I'm Telling You' from 'Dreamgirls'

Well, Jim and I went to see it last night and had a GREAT time. We knew several people in the show, which always makes things more fun, but even so - there was some stuff they came up with that was SOOO funny and creative. It was great to see all those talented folks in one show together. Let me tell you, some of those people can S-I-N-G. Of course, everyone that was a part of it is super-talented, but there were some people that were new to me who really impressed me a whole lot.
I highly suggest it if you're in the Boston area and are looking for something to do tonight.
Tonight is the final performance and it's a great way to help out local theatre company that always produces top-of-the-line theatre and lots of great shows.
If you're interested, click here for more information.
Here ends my shameless plug-of-the day. :-)

So, that's what WE did last night....

Tonight we're having our friends Charles and Jerry and their 3 year old twins over for dinner.

I'm sure it'll be very exciting. Hopefully Scooter will keep the kids entertained, so the adults can sit and drink.

I'm kidding!!!!! (a little)
Have a great day, blog lovers!!!!

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