Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm an Award Winner!!!

I just found out this morning that I was given an award by a fellow blogger!!!

Apparently, he was given the award by someone, and has decided that I'm a worthy recipient as well....I'm truly honored!!!

This is the award:

"This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog's content or design is, in the giver's opinion, brilliant."

Of course, it comes with a 'hitch' :-)
Basically, the recipient has to post 10 random things about himself for all of his readers to see - so my winning the award will benefit all of you!
Assuming you care. are my 10 random things:

I’ve never kissed a girl. (not counting a friendly peck on the cheek or a ‘stage kiss’)
I’m terrified of drowning or being buried alive.
I could eat ice cream every day
I think about smoking every single day. I still miss it, and I haven’t had a cigarette in almost 4 years.
I watch the Food Network EVERY Saturday and Sunday morning – even if it’s an episode that I’ve seen before.
So many people say that Jim and I are the perfect couple that I’m starting to believe them.
I’m seriously thinking about shaving my head this summer.
I’ve never had a one night stand.
I hate confrontations and will do almost anything in order to avoid them.
I think the people who read my blog are wicked awesome. you can all say that you read an award winning blog.



Jim Sullivan said...

You don't ALREADY believe that??!?!?

RG said...

I can't believe you forgot about our fling at that softball tournament! Granted it was a one-afternoon stand...Relax Jim - I'm just kidding.