Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heavens to Betsy!!!

I have been B-U-S-Y!!!!

Opening weekend of the show went GREAT. The Friday night show opening night) was very exciting and was a typical opening night audience. The opening night crowd is generally made up of family and friends who are thrilled to be seeing the show. Unless you REALLY screw things up, chances are they're going to love everything that happens on the stage.

That was the case with our opening night crowd...they really loved it. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the show was really quite good anyway. :-)

The other two performances (Saturday and Sunday) went well too, and the audiences seem to really like what they're seeing. Sunday's audience in particular was a very responsive crowd and really had a good time.

Saturday was a super-fun day 'off'; spent at home doing nothing but relaxing, catching up on laundry and spending time with Jim and Scooter....good times.

Monday was a quiet day at work (but busy as ever) and yesterday I actually spent the day working out of the Milton office. That's where my boss and the rest of my team is located. It was nice to be driving to work (40 minutes or so) as opposed to taking 3 different trains over an hour and a half. They seem to be a great group of people, and after some initial connectivity 'issues' I had a very productive day. Granted, I didn't get any training done (the initial reason for me being there) because I don't have the access I need, but it was a nice introduction to my teammates, whom I've never met before.

There's a fun little 'cafeteria' in the building, which happens to be on the same floor as my group, so that was very convenient. I have to say (BITCH ALERT!!) that the staff of the cafeteria were a tad frightening. They seemed to be quite 'rough around the edges' and I think they MAYBE had 32 teeth among the three of them. Just sayin'

Tonight is my last night 'off' because we have shows Thursday through Sunday, so I'm planning on doing some stuff around the house and resting up for the 4 shows that are quickly approaching.

I do however plan on having a quick review of the show so I remember everything that goes on. Nothing like doing a show after having 3 nights off, and forgetting everything that happens!!! Yikes.

Speaking of the show....there haven't been any reviews yet - but I'll let you know once they start rolling in. Assuming they're positive, that is. :-)

Have a Happy Hump Day!!!!


cb said...

I totally would have read this post, but I got distracted by the camel's enormous junk...

RG said...

You know it sounds like Aramark has another cafeteria contract!

Yeah, and what's up with the camel's enormous junk anyway?