Friday, March 13, 2009

From Jason, with Love....

Happy Friday!!!

Yikes…don’t you just love these years when we get TWO Friday the 13ths right in a row?!?!?
Whatever, it’s fine….I’m not superstitious.
Just kidding. I’m TOTALLY superstitious. I’m not like a crazy person about it, but I certainly have my ‘moments’.
If a black cat crosses my path, I’m not going to freak out – or if I’m forced (for some reason) to walk under a ladder, I’ll be OK – but I’m superstitious about specific things.
For example, if I’m in a show, I tend to do EXACTLY the same pre-show stuff each night; just to ensure that everything stays OK.
If something happens that’s beyond my control and I’m forced to change something, I’m OK with that, but I have to talk myself out of being all freaked out by the change.
Does that make me a little crazy? Oh well, so be it.

Speaking of my house being haunted...I was chatting with my choreographer a week or so ago. Well, she’s not my personal choreographer (how fun would THAT be?!?!?) but she’s choreographing the show I’m in at the moment…anyway – we were talking about my house and how old it is (built in 1825) and she asked if it was haunted.
I said I didn’t think so, because I’ve never been aware of any strange or unexplained goings on since we’ve lived there.
Well wouldn’t you know it? The WEIRDEST thing happened the other day.

Last Saturday, Jim was making lunch, and I noticed that he was making steak. (Yum-O!!) Well, since it was so incredibly nice out, I suggested that I fire up the grill and we could have a little pre-season BBQ. Jim thought that was a delightful idea and told me he would let me know when to turn on the grill. He had some other stuff to get prepared before it was grillin’ time, so I watched some TV (Food Network, of course). While I was watching TV, I thought to myself:
“Hmmm….didn’t I get a propane tank gauge for Christmas?”
If you’re not aware, I’m referring to a little do-hickey that Brookstone makes, that you screw onto your propane tank and it tells you how full your tank is….no more embarrassing “Ooops, no BBQ today, sorry - I’m out of gas!!!”

I remembered receiving one, and made a mental note to look for it at some point before the summer arrived.
So, a little while later, Jim gives me the ok to go out and start the grill. I go outside and start the grill with no issues. Well, I needed to replace the battery on the automatic igniter, but once that was replaced, it started without a problem. Once it was warmed up, I went in search of the grill brush so I could give it a good cleaning before I started cooking. Since the brush wasn’t in its usual spot, I assumed I’d put it in the cellar with all the other ‘summer stuff’ so I went looking for it.
I walked over to the cellar door, opened it, and sitting on the floor directly in front of me was the Brookstone box containing the Propane Tank Gauge.
I thought: “Well, that’s odd!” – But since the grill was going, I simply picked it up and placed it back on the shelf where (I then remembered) I’d placed it a few months ago.

I didn’t think much about it at the time, but later on while we were eating lunch, I mentioned it to Jim. He had NO clue as to what I was talking about. He remembered giving it to me, but he had nothing to do with putting it away. After seeing it on the floor, I remembered putting it on the shelf with the other ‘summer stuff’ that lives on the shelf at the top of the stairs. Now, this isn’t a little shelf that stuff is always falling off of, it’s a very deep shelf with plenty of room on it. In fact, I don’t think anything has ever fallen off it. Also, neither Jim nor I had been in the cellar at all that day, or the day before.
Isn’t it a little odd, (if it did ‘fall off’ the shelf) that it happened to be the EXACT thing I was thinking about that very morning, and it landed in the center of the landing, face up, with the label facing me as if to say “Here I am John!!”
The more I thought about it, the more it freaked me out a little bit, but I think it’s also kind of cool. If we have ghosts (or whatever they are) in our house….I’d rather have them helping us find misplaced things as opposed to screaming at us in the middle of the night to get the hell out or making the walls bleed.
That would suck.

This has been a really long entry, but since I’ve been such a piss-poor blogger as of late, I’m sure you won’t be upset.

Have a great Friday and stay safe…

PS - Here's a press photo of Jim, Denise and I with the big J.C. - when I see pictures like this it reminds me of how bald I really am. I'm completely fine with it, but sometimes I forget. :-)


RG said...

You know, I was thinking, "Where the hell did I put my 9 inch dildo?" and low and behold I opened up my bedroom door and there it was! Of course, my play-pal was holding it - but still! How psychic of him!

Ghosts - Pfssssssst. Please.

cb said...

Well, yes. If you are to have ghosts, then it's good that they are the benevolent variety.

Jim said...

Friends of mine think they had a ghost, didn't bother them much, they'd just would see it in odd places and it would startle them a little bit.

And you're handsome as ever btw!