Monday, March 2, 2009

Stressed With A Capital ‘S’!!!

OK peeps, I’m kind of a wreck right now; I’m not going to lie.

First of all, the show opens exactly 19 days from tonight and that makes me nervous. I know that we’ll get everything done and it will be fantastic, but we have a lot to do before that happens.
Second of all, I’m part of a ‘cabaret’ that’s happening tomorrow night at the theatre, and I have a serious case of ‘pre-show jitters’. Again, I know it’s going to be fine, but I have a bunch of lyrics I need to cram into my skull before tomorrow night, and that always makes me nervous.
Third of all, Jim is VERY sick and that stresses me out. He’s been feeling crappy since last Thursday and he hasn’t really felt any better since then. He’s coughing, he’s congested, he’s sore, and he sounds like Harvey Fierstein on a really bad day. He called his doctor this morning and they’ve cancelled all office visits for today because of the STUPID snow. (which is another thing that’s stressing me out) He talked to someone at the doctor’s answering service and they told him that the earliest they could see him would be tomorrow morning at 11:30. I told him to call back and leave a message for his doctor and tell him that he needed to speak with him. Hopefully the doctor will call him and at least offer some advice as to what he can do. He’s been taking some over the counter stuff and nothing seems to be helping. YUCK.
Fourth of all (does that even make sense?) we’re up to our eyes in snow once again and although it stopped snowing for the moment, it’s supposed to start up again this evening. Because Jim is sick, I’m going to have to deal with shoveling our annoying, irritating, giant, gravel driveway all by myself…don’t wanna be, All By Myself.
Thank you, Eric Carmen – I love that song.

Alright….enough complaining.

Aside from all that stuff, we had a great weekend. Jim’s parents are back from Florida and we saw them briefly on Saturday night. They had a great time and seemed to love hanging out with my dad and step-mother. Phew!! We made a brief appearance at my brother-in-law’s house to celebrate his wife’s birthday, but we were only there for a while before Jim started feeling like crap again, so I took him home. I had plans later that night anyway, so it all worked out ok. I headed back to my hometown and met up with some high school friends to celebrate our friend Joanne’s birthday.
As expected, we had a great time and thanks to Joanne, I have a picture to post!!! YAY!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing around the house and/or rehearsing so it was quite productive and fun, all things considered.
This morning was gross because of the snow, but I’m here now and getting lots of work done.
Well, at the moment, I’m typing this while I eat my lunch – but up until this point, I’ve been really productive!!!

Have a great day everyone and I’ll keep you posted as to all the exciting things happening in my life. ;-)

And yes, I was really out with all of them, even though I look photoshopped into the picture.
Apparently I didn't get the memo to dress in black. :-)

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I hope Jim feels better soon.