Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things Are Looking Up!

The cabaret was a BLAST last night. I think it went VERY well.

I ended up getting 99.99% of my lyrics right and I also got to sing an additional song, since Jim was still under the weather. Thankfully it was a song that I already knew.
Sometimes it totally pays to be a musical theatre dork.

Speaking of Jim - he is feeling MUCH better. He went to the doctor yesterday, and even though the doctor didn't give him any drugs (damn it!) he was able to confirm that it wasn't anything serious. Phew!
Jim woke up this morning feeling noticeably better, so we're hoping it's all uphill from here.

And now some FUN news!!!

According to the folks at Scooter's doggie day care, we have to watch the 10pm FOX news next Tuesday night (3/10). Apparently they're doing a story on 'dogbook' - which is the canine equivalent of facebook - and they went to Scooter's day care in order to interview (what?) some of the dogs there. I don't know any details, but the owners seem to think that Scooter will be getting a lot of air time. Who knows if it'll actually happen. If he has my luck, he'll end up on the cutting room floor....but hopefully he'll get some air time.

I've always said he should be on TV!!!

We shall see!?!?!

OK - I have to get back to is SO busy, it's making me lose my mind a bit - but at least I'm still employed!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone...xoxo


Jim Sullivan said...

Next Wednesday!

AJohnP said...

I thought you said Tuesday!

Good thing you read my blog.

PS - my verification word was 'whangs'. :-)

RG said...

DoggieBook? Will the madness never end!

Too bad you'll have to watch it on Fox news - they'll probably say it's all Obama's fault, or something.

CJ said...

Gorgeous pooch! Wish I could see it.