Friday, March 27, 2009

Hooray for Friday!!

I'm just tickled pink that it's Friday!
Even though it's a grey and drizzly morning, it's still the end of the work week and me likey.
We had a great show last night (which is a very good thing, considering the fact that we had three 'show free' days before it) and the rest of the weekend should be exciting.

My sister PJ and 4 of her friends are coming tonight, my friends Kerry, Guy, Leah and John (and L&J's 2 kids) are coming on Saturday, and then on Sunday afternoon my other sister, Donna and 19 of her closest friends :-) are coming to the show. Actually it's going to be her entire family, plus a large group of friends from their church. It should be very fun.

In addition to the shows, Jim and I are going to a special mass for one of his relatives early Saturday morning, and then on Sunday morning, I have a softball meeting before the show.
No sleeping in for me!!! Poop.
I'm not entirely thrilled about having to get up on a Saturday morning, especially to go to church, but it's a special thing for Jim's family and I'm sure it will be a fun event. His family events usually are.

We got a good review in the local paper on are some highlights:

"Godspell'' also has many fantastic moments. Most are created by the rock, folk and gospel music and choreography. Music director Michael Joseph, his band, choreographer Sally Ashton Forrest, and the many talented singers and dancers combine to make our spirits soar."
"Jill Akins and Caitlin Ford lead the cast in the folk-inspired "By My Side,'' and Matt Mello does the same for "All Good Gifts.'' Their soothing voices, and William Buonocore’s exquisite guitar playing, wash over us like a pleasant dream."
"Melissa Sepulveda adds more good feelings when she earnestly sings "Day by Day,'' the show’s most well-known number. Paula Markowicz lends her considerable vocal talents while belting out the uplifting "O, Bless the Lord, My Soul.''
"Markowicz, Melissa Kutchmanich and the cast perform a powerful, drum-fueled (Scott Brenner), Mideast-inspired version of "Light of the World'' to bring the first act to a rousing conclusion."
"In the second act, Karen Cavallo heats things up with her fun rendition of "Turn Back, O Man.'' Later, Michael Iemma gets the finale gears turning by singing the revivalist strains of "We Beseech Thee,'' while the dancers strut their stuff."
"Jim Sullivan adds credibility and substance to the story as the angst-ridden Judas. Alex Valentine, as John the Baptist, gets the show moving with "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.''

I was very happy that Jim (my husband, that is) got a nice mention - as did the rest of the talented group of friends I have. :-) Yahoo!

There was another reviewer there last night, so if his review gets posted today - I'll HAVE to update the blog.

Speaking of Jim getting a job, he was successful in his 'wheelings and dealings' with a former employer and he now has a part time job that will become a full time job when October rolls around. (so they say)
As it stands, he'll be working Tuesday-Thursday from April 14th through October and then at that time he'll be switching to a full time position with the company.
It's a small company (the owner and his co-workers are awesome)which he worked for a couple of years ago. His only reason for leaving that job was that he was tired of the commute into Boston and wanted to find something closer to home. Mind you - his commute was (and will be) about a half hour shorter than my daily commute, so I think that he is prepared to suck it up and be happy to have a job. :-) :-)

Seriously though, I'm very happy for him. He was able to work out a deal so that it's more than he'd be making on unemployment, and even though it's not a full time position, he'll still have the ability to find a second part time job closer to home until the full time work kicks in. Of course, in case you didn't notice, his schedule guarantees a 4 day weekend every weekend during the summer and fall, so I'm SURE that he'll be running out trying to find a part time job to take up that time. Sure he will.

OK - I've written long enough.....have a great day and an even better weekend!!!


Here are some photos of Jim being unemployed ;-) He totally needs a haircut, but can't get one until the show is over. He'll probably be angry that these are on here, but too bad for him.
I think they're A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E and so is he, long hair or not.
So there.

He met up with our friends Barrie, Julie and Ben (who has made several blog appearances) well as Barrie and Karen's dogs Ollie and Lucy.
As always, a big thank you to Barrie for allowing me to swipe photos from her blog.


Brettcajun said...

I am thrilled your hubby got a part time job and a promise of a full time job in the future. Yay!

If I were him, I would enjoy the four day weekend as much as I could. :)

AJohnP said...

Oh, I'm SURE he will.
And it will pretty much guarantee that our yard will look better than ever!!

RookieRuggerLSU said...

Hey John!

Just wanted to let you know you have won an AWARD! That's right. I am bestowing your blog with the HONEST SCRAP award!

Head on over to my blog to get your Award Badge and to see what you have to do! (You know it has to come with SOME strings!)

Hope you like :)