Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Positive thoughts....positive thoughts....

I’m going to try my best to maintain a healthy and positive attitude, even though I want to run screaming from my desk.

There are a couple of things making me crazy right now….work is one of them.
I have no problem with being busy, in fact, I'm sure that many of you would agree with me. When you’re busy, the day goes by faster, right? Excellent.
What makes me crazy is the fact that I’m dealing with people who have no idea what we actually do. They think that certain things ‘magically’ happen, when in reality, there’s a lot that needs to be done in order to achieve the result they’re looking for.
I don’t need to get into the boring details, but let me just say that leaving my house at 6am and getting home at 8pm is NOT COOL.

In addition to the fact that I’ve been getting home late (which totally cuts into my ‘quality time’ with my husband and dog) is the fact that I feel like I’ve gained a ton of weight over the past couple of months.
I know that I haven’t actually gained THAT much and I know it’s because of all the junk I’ve allowed myself to eat over the holidays, but it’s still irritating. I’ve noticed that my pants aren’t fitting the way they should. You know how it is, right? You can immediately tell that ‘something ain’t right’ when you make an attempt to button your slacks (yes, I said slacks) in the morning and there’s suddenly effort involved. No biggie....I'm getting myself back on track and I'm completely confident that I'll shed the excess weight in time for bikini season.

OK - that’s enough negativity!!!

A really cool thing (and extremely positive!) that‘s going on in my life is that I was asked to be a part of a ‘One Night Only’ benefit performance for Metro Stage Company, which is a local theatre company in Boston. It’s especially exciting because it’s a group that I’ve never worked with before and they asked me to be a part of the benefit completely out of the blue. I’ve met the two guys that run the theatre and they’ve seen me perform, but I’ve never had the chance to work with either of them before.
It’s all VERY exciting.
Looking at the cast they’ve assembled and the songs they’ve chosen, I must say that it is going to be a kick-ass evening! I’m especially excited because one of the numbers they put me in is ‘Nine People’s Favorite Thing’ from the musical [title of show]. My ultra dedicated blog readers are well aware of the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the musical [title of show]. The fact that I’m going to be able to do a number from the show is sooooo exciting. The other numbers I’m in are great as well, but I’m thrilled that they asked me to do that one. YAY!!!

OK – I started writing this about 3 ½ hours ago, and have been writing bits and pieces when I have a free second. Time to get a move on.....

Have a great day, and as Elle would say “Keep it positive….” (yes, I LOVE “Legally Blonde: The Musical” – deal with it)


RG said...

I hope your work situation improves soon. My old job had my commuting 1.5 hours to go to a hideous suburban office park - I'm glad they laid me off at the beginning of December.

Don't worry about the weight. It's the season and the holidays. Give yourself a break.

AJohnP said...

Thanks dear...but as you know, softball season is QUICKLY approaching and all that squatting will take it's toll unless I shed a few pounds!!! :-)

By the way...I find it hysterical that all the blogs I visit regularly - you seem to visit as well.
That must mean somthing... :-)

RG said...

Kismet my friend. It's kismet! BTW, did you like my Xmas story?

BTW, I'm looking forward to rubbing your chest for good luck. I always hit a home run when I do that!