Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I know, I know....I can't believe it either, no blog entries since Christmas Eve?!?!?

Here's the scoop. I was on vacation up until last Friday, and never got to blog from home. First of all, my computer at home is a mess, and even though Jim bought me a brand new one for Christmas (YAY!!!!), there's something wrong with it, and we need to do some 'fixing' before that one is up and running. Clearly, I have no idea what's happening.
Needless to say, I've been 'computerless' at home. I haven't even logged onto facebook since Christmas Eve.....CRAZY.
Also, work has been so incredibly busy, and will be insane for a while I fear.
I haven't even had time to sneak in an entry while at work...which I'm doing at this very moment. No one else is in I'm keeping it super brief. Shhhh....

The holidays were great....I got a lot of great stuff and Jim loved his gifts...his 'big gift' was a Wii game system, which we've been playing non-stop. I also got him Wii fit, which will be an entire post unto me. It's insane.
New Year's Eve was a great night...we were at a beautiful wedding, with a lot of very fun people...I was so happy to be there with so many great folks....most excellent.

On the 30th, we had a very windy day which caused a HUGE branch to fall from one of our trees, knocking down several other branches on the tree next to it. In the end, our backyard looks like a disaster area and a couple of sections of the fence around the pool are completely crushed. Thankfully, the pool itself seems to be OK, but now we have to get some estimates and begin the whole 'claims' process with our insurance company....gross.

There are pictures of everything I've mentioned, and as soon as the brand new, super-duper computer is up and running at home, I can share them. :-)

I wanted to at least write SOMETHING so that you all knew I was thinking about you and missed you like crazy while I was away!!!!



RG said...

Happy New Year. That wind storm on the 30th was a nasty one wasn't it? Too bad it didn't take out the butt-ugly scraggly pines in our back yard. LOL

Next time, tell you husband to buy you an MacBook, or iMac or something that works. hahahahahah

You should post a vid of you doing Wii Workout.

Jim Sullivan said...

The computer DOES work, it just doesn't get consistent juice, so sometimes it doesn't boot. We need to look in to an additional power booster. I have been using the computer fine, so its no excuse for you not to do so!

AJohnP said...

Well, I don't work without consistent there.

Apparently I need to be taught how to get it to boot when that error message shows up.
Assuming I ever get to leave work...

Thank you, dear. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with RG...Mac's never have trouble "booting".


Glad your back...your lucky you started the blog with an apology!