Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm still here!

Yes folks...just like Yvonne De Carlo, I'm still here.

For all of you non-musical theatre types, that's a 'Follies' reference...which is a musical written by James Goldman (book) and Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics).
Here ends the musical theatre lesson for the day.

Yesterday turned out to be a VERY quiet day around the office as far as layoffs were concerned. There were a couple of Senior Vice Presidents in my area that were 'let go', but other than that, no one that I work with directly was affected. Some friends of mine had team members that were laid off, but thankfully, my team and I made it through the day unscathed. Of course, we're not aware of any patterns or the specific criteria which puts you on 'the list', so it's still pretty scary. Not to mention the fact that we're hearing everything through the rumor mill - so for all we know, there could be layoffs every day from now until God knows's really crazy.

The only thing I can do is show up every day and get my work done.
Speaking of.....I should get back to work. :-)

Enjoy your Friday! I have a meeting tonight at Fritz with my softball teammates to discuss the upcoming softball season (it's never too early!!) and I can't WAIT to see them all. I'm sure it'll be very fun....and I just adore Fritz.
Other than that, I should have a fairly quiet weekend.

Thank you for all the words of encouragement and keeping me in your thoughts.
Have a GREAT weekend.....xoxo

PS - Only 98 days until softball opening day!!!


RG said...

You look so cute in your uniform. I can't wait to put mine back on during clinic day - and probably freeze my ass off, like we do EVERY opening day of Softball season in Boston.

Congrats on surviving the cuts. No write me a check. :)

RG said...

Sorry - NOW write me a check. LOL

AJohnP said...

I know...wouldn't it be nice to have a WARM and DRY opening weekend?
We can dream...

RG said...

So, where's my check Mr. I'm-Still-Employed?