Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Excuse me......Excuse me!!!!!

Before I begin, let me give you a little background…..I work in an office which is located directly above a mall. Because of this, the most convenient ‘coffee option’ is to go to the au bon pain located downstairs, within the mall itself.
That being said, when I went downstairs to get my coffee this morning I was stuck behind some dim-wit who has apparently never made her own cup of coffee. The way they have it set up is fairly standard – and really, it’s not all that complicated. There are about 5 urns of coffee sitting on the counter, followed by a little section to the right of the urns, where one can add cream, sugar, etc..etc… I totally understand that figuring out what kind coffee you want can be confusing, especially if it’s somewhere you haven’t been before. In order to make things easier, au bon pain places a large sign on the wall above the coffee station which lists all the types of coffee, as well as a short description of how each one ‘tastes’. Again, I understand the need to read all of these because you could end up with a super strong cup of coffee, when you actually wanted something milder (I’m a Morning Blend person, myself…with skim milk and Equal).
However….did this land-mass-with-a-perm (thank you, Judy Tenuta) really need to stand directly in front of ALL the urns while she read the descriptions?!?!? Seriously…she stood smack dab in the middle, blocking all the urns.

Once I realized what she was doing, I politely said ‘Excuse me’ in hopes that she’d move her fat ass to one side so that I (or one of the 4 other people lined up behind her) could have access to the coffee. Well, she didn’t move an inch, at which point I realized that she had headphones on and she wasn’t simply ignoring me. As I moved to step around her, she went for the Morning Blend (damn it!) and found that urn to be completely empty (don’t get me started on THAT!). She then stepped slightly to the left, filled her cup with the Café Roast, and got the hell out of the way.
Because I was already slightly annoyed, I was in no mood to stand around and wait for the guy to bring out a new urn of Morning Blend so I too, decided on the Café Roast.
Thankfully there was no line at the register and I was able to pay for my coffee and make a swift exit.

I did notice that the very same ‘coffee blocker’ had moved on and was now blocking the rest of the world from viewing the rows and rows of baked goods.
I must be nice to have the world revolve around you. Good grief.

On a lighter note, Jim decided that he’d had enough with our new computer (and all of its issues) so he brought it back to Best Buy. I don’t know the specifics, but I do know that they tried to tell him that he couldn’t bring it back and he - calmly, I’m sure :-) - explained to them that this was his SECOND trip to the store with it and he wouldn’t be leaving the store unless it was with a new computer. (I added that last part)
What I do know is that when I got home late last night, there was a brand new computer sitting in our office…..and it’s even better than the one I originally received.
Thank you dear....

Happy Wednesday....and don't let the 'coffee blockers' in your life get you down!!!

Quick reminder: My birthday is quickly only have 28 shopping days until the 11th!!!!

I'd like one of these (the Snuggie, not the couch) maroon please.
I love the religious cult look.


RG said...

You know, at my old job they had a cafeteria and there was ALWAYS some corporate BEHEMOTH blocking the hot entreé counter at lunch, and all I could think of was, "you couldn't block the salad bar?"

But really man, a snugglie? Next thing you know, you'll be complaining about your bursitis and knitting while watching reruns of Days of Our Lives in the Soap Network. :)

Kelly said...

I ordered us two snuggies in mid-december... they are on back order... we should get them by the end of the month... ours will be royal blue.. to bring out the blue in my eyes

Anonymous said...

..."Im SAYING excuse me!"


AJohnP said...

Oh my God..I couldn't stop laughing when I read that....
I wasn't even thinking of that when I wrote it.

Jim said...

I agree that the maroon one look like cult robes. The family in the commercial at the football game all in their maroon Sunggies is creepy. I hope it's not kool-aid they're drinking! lol