Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's snowing AGAIN.

I have been kind of unmotivated to blog this week. Well, actually just yesterday and today. Granted, I was SOOO busy yesterday that even if I had wanted to blog, I wouldn't have had time. It was a very frustrating day.
Long story short: I got home at 8pm last night. I was working on something that took all day to research, and had the people involved listened to me from the beginning; it wouldn't have been an issue at all. Whatever...I'm over it.

So yes, it's snowing again. It looks like it's snowing pretty hard out there right now, and I've heard that we're expecting anywhere from 4-6 inches.
For what it's worth: I'm ready for the warm weather to return!!!

As you ALL know, my birthday is quickly approaching. I really hope I get a scanner for my new computer. I have so many fun pictures that I want to share with people!! Now that I have a super-duper, fast computer, I'm hoping that it won't be a chore to upload them all to various locations around the world wide web.
I'd also like a police scanner. If you didn't already know it, I'm kind of nosy. :-) I would TOTALLY be 'that guy' sitting in his rocking chair listening to all the activities going on around town. My grandfather had a police scanner and when I'd visit him and my Nana, I would sit there for hours and just listen to it. I loved it!!
I'd also like some new socks and underwear. I know they aren't typically considered gifts, but to be honest - I NEVER buy myself new socks and underwear so when I get them as gifts, I'm always very happy. I need black/blue (cotton) dress socks, white athletic socks (both crew and those little ankle-height ones), and some boxer briefs. (shoe size: 10 / undies: large) you know what I want.
Random? Yes.
Do I expect my blog readers to shower me with gifts?
Absolutely. :-) :-) :-)

I'm going to be turning 37 (2 weeks from today), which is a fairly uneventful birthday.
Although, when I think about being 37 it's kind of crazy. Not because it's 'old''s certainly not.
It's just that....I remember being in my twenties and thinking that being over 35 was SOOO old. It's funny to think back to those days...being 37 felt so far away.
Hey, at least I'm not 40. :-)

That's enough of that. If you're dealing with the snow, as I am, please stay warm and be safe.
If you're dealing with warm weather....enjoy it, and know that there are a whole lot of envious people up north.

Here are some cute men, for your Wednesday enjoyment....

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RG said...

Happy-Soon-To-Be-Birthday! 37 - Pfsssssst - kid.

Man, this snow has GOT TO stop. I'm so sick of it. At least now we'll won't have to worry about low water tables and drought warnings this spring and summer, since it'll probably be snowing then too!

Were you projecting some Man Present with the pictures? If so, back off Jason Veritek - since his upcoming divorce is in the works, he my new future ex-husband. BTW, I have a naked pic of him on my blog.

Did you knew the word verification for this comment was "outwi" LOL