Friday, January 30, 2009


As I was checking out a few blogs this morning - I visited one of my new favorites ( and came across this little gem:

Needless to say, I almost wet my pants.

I LOVE IT!!! Some creative boy in Canada (named Aaron) apparently decided to give Scooter and I a makeover and Chris posted it on his website.
Awesome. Twice in one week!!!
The funny thing is, that Jim and I were JUST talking about this last night. It seems that Aretha's "hat" (really?) was such a hit at the inauguration that there is now a website that allows you to put her hat on whatever you choose...see example above.

I'm very happy that it's Friday and I think it's going to be a fairly quiet day around here, which is nice.

Have a good weekend and have fun doing whatever it is you're doing on Superbowl Sunday!!!


living with baby {b} said...


cb said...

I SAW this on cute with chris!! This is YOU?? Love the Urethra hats!

Julie said...

The powers that be have asked Aretha to donate her now famous hat to the Smithsonian! Rats! I wanted it! See you Saturday! Julie D.

CJ said...

You almost look as good as Aretha. Quite fetching nevertheless! ;)

Jim said...

OMG!! This is you? Congrats on getting on the Cute With Chris blog, you're joining Brett Cajun and Homer in the celebrity circle!

And the hat is quite fetching... on both of you!!