Monday, November 9, 2009

Turkey Attack!!!

Let me begin today's entry by saying that when I pulled into the parking lot this morning, there were TWENTY wild turkeys walking through the parking lot.

TWENTY!!!! They are not small

There were 19 females, that looked like this:

And there was one male, who looked like this:

He seemed to be keeping everyone in line.
Incidentally, I did a lil' research and it seems that a large group of turkeys is known as a 'rafter'. I had no idea. Although there are definitely plenty of places on the internets that they're referred to as a 'flock' - I much prefer 'rafter'.
As I pulled in, they all stopped moving and started at me. I got out of my car and they were all still standing there.....staring. I felt a bit like Tippi Hendren, but with turkeys. It was very eerie.
Once they realized I was harmless, they went along their merry way and I went into the office.

Anyway...that was an interesting way to begin my work week.

So, the weekend was fun-filled and FULL of activities.....I'll try to keep it brief.

Friday night Jim and I went to dinner and a movie. We had a GREAT dinner and a not-so-great movie. We went to see 'The Fourth Kind'. While it was quite interesting and had a few moments that made me jump, it was kind of a let down. I'm still not sure if it's real or if I was 'had'. They supposedly use a lot of actual footage and actual voice recordings....but I'm not sure if it's just a ploy to get us to believe.....I'll have to do more research to get the full story.

What it did do was remind me why I never go to the movies. I hate sitting in a theatre full of inconsiderate, clueless, rude, people. Nothing outrageous happened, but there were people walking in and out of the theatre the entire time, talking, making comments, was really irritating and distracting.

On Saturday we went car shopping for Jim. He paid off his car a while ago and has been wanting/needing a new car so we went out to take care of that. He ended up getting a 2009 Horizon Blue, Mini Cooper Clubman. It's SUCH a cool car and he got a really good deal on it. We were a bit skeptical about how much room it had, but honestly, I sat in the back seat during the test drive and there was PLENTY of room back there. The Clubman is different than the regular Mini Cooper in that it has a half-door on one side, which allows for easier access to the back seat, and it also has a small-ish area for storage in the back (a stroller will fit back there, no worries). It's apparently a very safe car, and has a really good maintenance plan, etc...etc...

He's picking it up tonight and is BEYOND excited.

This is what it looks like:

His is very similar to this one, but his roof isn't silver. His roof is the same color as the rest of the car, and he has roof rails, which make it look a lot less boxy, and more sporty....very nice.
Hooray for new cars!!!!
Saturday night we went over to one of my friend's house for dinner. she and I went to college together and hadn't seen one another since 1998 or so. It was great to see her, meet her husband and son, and have a YUMMY dinner. It wasn't a late night, which was good, since we had a bit of a drive home.

On Sunday we got up early, cleaned the house, cleaned out and winterized the screened in porch, did a bit of yard work, took down the rest of the wall paper in the soon-to-be-nursery and went grocery shopping.....all before 2 in the afternoon. :-)

It was kind of crazy, but AWESOME to have all that done.

Once that was finished, we relaxed for a bit, met Charles and the twins for dinner, went back to their house for dessert, came home, watched TV and PASSED OUT at 9:30.

And here I am!!!! :-)

I hope you all had great weekends too!!!!

P.S. - In honor of the Sesame Street's 40th Birthday, I give you one of my all-time favorite Muppets:
Prairie Dawn is amazing.


RG said...

As God is my witness, I thought Turkeys could fly.

Larry Ohio said...

Sorry about your bad experiences at the cinema. Strange that kind of stuff (inconsiderate people talking) never happens to Greg or I. It's probably because we avoid going to the movies on Fri/Sat nights.

Did seeing the wild turkeys make you crave bourbon?

Kyle said...

Sounds like a very good weekend John. We almost never go to a movie in the theater any more, but if we do, we always try to make it a time when there won't be lots of people. I'm not found of paying that much money to see something and have the experience ruined by someone else.

Amy said...

I'll give you props. If I had seen a big group of turkeys next to me, I wouldn't have gotten out of the car. LOL

9:30 bedtimes rock.

Ur-spo said...

oh those turkeys, they stop at nothing!

Anonymous said...

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