Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moth Attack!!!!

Take cover, we're under attack!!!!


I got home from the gym last night and could not believe the amount of moths flying around my yard. On 'warmer' winter nights, I'm used to seeing a moths flying around the lights outside our house, or flying at the car as I'm driving down the street, but this week it has been OUT OF CONTROL. I'm not even exaggerating when I say there were hundreds of moths swarming in our backyard last night. They were all over the leaves, all over our back porch, all over the windows of our house, and the tree in our back yard was COVERED in them.

I learned this morning that the female winter moths (that's what they're called, by the way) can't fly. In order to 'meet their mates' they tend to hang out at the base of trees or shrubs. That would explain the large amount of horny male moths hanging on the tree. they were patiently waiting their turn.

It's pretty much no different than the sidewalk outside the Boston Eagle on Tremont Street at 2:05 on any given Saturday night.

Anyway...there are a lot of them, and they are really good at getting into our house. Thankfully, once they're in the house they tend to land and are quite easy to snatch up and toss into the trash. Scooter LOVES the challenge, and many a moth has ended up meeting its end via dog attack. Oh well...it keeps him busy. :-)

Since we got the DVR, Jim and I have filled our 'nothing is on' time, with shows that we've recorded whilst we were out and about. Last night's 'post House' treat was watching the AMAs. Since we really have no interest in anything more that the performances it was so nice to be able to fast forward through the non-interesting parts of the show.
I'm not going to critique all the performances (because we didn't watch them all) but I did enjoy Janet Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, The Black-Eyed Peas (Fergie can SING!!!), J-Lo (including her 'fall', which really wasn't that big of a deal, and her HUNKY back-up dancers - YOWZA) and of COURSE we got all teary eyes at Whitney's return. Even if her range spans a whopping 6 1/2 notes at this point, it was nice to see her back on stage. I'm sure she'll be back to her old self in no time....and I can't wait.

Daughtry looked good, but his performance bored me. We didn't watch Lady Gaga's entire performance because Jim is not a fan, and to be honest, I'm a little bit afraid of her. We did watch Adam Lambert's big moment....

Oh....Adam, Adam, Adam....
Now, many of you might recall that during American Idol I wasn't a big fan of Adam's. I was more than willing to admit that he was definitely talented, but his 'style' of singing just wasn't my thing. In spite of that fact, each week I enjoyed watching him perform and it was clear that he was above and beyond the rest of the Idol contestants.
However, what he did on that stage Sunday night was just bad. Please - I couldn't care less how many crotches he grabbed, how many people grabbed his crotch, who's throat he SHOVED his tongue down, blah, blah, blah.... But if you're going to pull all that crap (that has been done many times before and a hell of a lot better) the LEAST you could do is sound good.

Had he done all of that stuff and still managed to sound at least halfway decent, I would have been a lot more forgiving, but that was just awful to listen to. From a musical perspective, it was sloppy, off pitch and just plain ugly. He's all in a tirade about people discriminating against him, and sure - if they're whining and complaining about the 'sexual stuff' they really should just settle down - but if they're complaining because he sounded like hell - I'm all for it.

Now....I don't want to get all the Adam fans all riled up and crazy. I understand there was a HUGE amount of pressure on him, as it was his big debut and I'm sure he was probably a nervous wreck. HOWEVER, the next time he's in front of a bazillion people performing live, I hope he cuts back on trying to keep up his image, and focuses a little more on what he's singing because I'll DEFINITELY be watching.

On a totally different note (ba-dum-bum!) Jim and I have our second MAPP class tonight!!

Stay tuned for a RIVETING update tomorrow.



Larry Ohio said...

John, how's the beard coming along? Are you still growing it out? How about a pic?

I'm in full agreement with you about Adam. If you are going to do all the "shocking" stuff, the least you can do is make sure the song is decent.

Ur-spo said...

I am not familar with Mr. Adams, but he sounds dreadful.

AJohnP said...

Larry - the beard is coming along nicely. I'll be sure to get a picture or two over the holiday and post them here ASAP!!!

Spo- search for 'Adam Lambert' on YouTube and you'll have lots of clips to choose from.

Anonymous said...

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