Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinner and a crib.

I'm SOOO excited for tonight.

Jim and I are getting together with our friend Melissa for a LONG overdue dinner date. We've been trying for what feels like weeks (because it probably has been weeks) to find a date that 'worked' for all of us and it has finally arrived!!!

We're also picking up a crib while we're down there. A friend of hers was looking to get rid of a practically brand new crib and since we're in the market for a crib, we're taking it. Yikes.
I realize that it will go unused for a while, but when the time comes, we'll be ready.

Until then, Scooter can use it.


Of course, Jim and I were joking around the other day - while we were taking the last of the wallpaper down in the soon-to-be nursery - and contemplating what would happen if we changed our plan entirely.
Do you think a teenager would object to sleeping a night or two in a crib???

Stay tuned for pictures!!!!


Amy said...

When I had little ones, my cat would always claim the crib. No idea why....

( WV is a word for girly bits!)

Kyle said...

Believe me John, if you changed your direction and adopted a teen, I don't think they would object to much at all. Anything is better than being in the system. Love is love and the two of you seem to have a lot to give. that's something only a fool wouldn't want.