Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And the final decision is.....

I'm going to grow it. :-)

I know, I know - some of you aren't crazy about a 'bearded John', but have no fear. Nothing is forever.

Besides, you know how I's probably going to end up annoying me sooner or later and I'll get rid of it. I'm just tired of shaving every day and I want a break.

Keep in mind, this could all change if I don't like the way it looks!! Each time I've grown one, it comes in a little bit we shall see!!!!

Beards through the years:


Amy said...

I get tired of shaving every day, too. So, I wear pants.


Larry Ohio said...

Good choice!

Jim S. said...

You're adorable any way.

AJohnP said...

Amy - that is awesome.

I can't get over how young I look in that first picture!!
(it was in May of 2001, I believe)

cb said...

Good decision! With your hair closely cropped, the beard gives you some good definition and it looks very sharp.

And daddyish. And masculine. And woofy.

Jim said...

WOOF! On all 3 pictures!

RG said...

Awesome! And don't even THINK about dying the gray out of it either.

So I guess now people will say, "Who's the handsome guy with the ENORMOUS head with the beard?" instead of "Who's the handsome guy with the ENORMOUS head?" LOL