Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fulfilling my civic obligation....

I've been called for Jury Duty!!!! Is it bad that I'm excited about it?

It's kind of odd, but I've been 18 for quite some time now (watch it!) and this is only my second time being called.

The first time was several years ago. I was selected for a jury and was put on a trial that lasted about 2 days. I had a GREAT time. It wasn't a crazy case or anything, just a minor issue that focused primarily on a car accident. As it turned out, it was some loon trying to get more money out of the person that hit her. We didn't give her anything as she was CLEARLY in it for the cash. I found it very interesting though. Hopefully if I get selected for a jury, it'll be for an interesting case and not something that's going to traumatize me or have me sequestered for three months. THAT would suck.

Well, that's all the excitement that I have going on in my life right has been relatively busy, which is making the days go by and I've been keeping up my gym schedule, so that's all good.

Does anyone else find it REALLY odd that my gym has 'Friday Night Pizza Nights' and 'Bagel Mornings' every Tuesday???

Yeah, I thought so too....


Bear Me Out said...

Hope jury dooty doesn't get you sequestered for three months!

As too the gym with pizza night - hey, they're just drumming up business!

RG said...

You're lucky you didn't get called up for a Grand Jury - it lasts 4 months - I did, BUT was excused.

Your gym knew you were coming. Next thing you know they'll start having donut aerobics!

BTW, are you sore yet?

cb said...

Just do the rock back and forth thing with an eye twitch... guaranteed they won't use you.