Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jim's Whims

As I mentioned on Monday, Jim ditched his old blog and decided to start a new one. This one is all about his love for cooking. As my regular readers know, Jim is a GREAT cook and it's about time he shares his 'secrets' with the world. You can find his new blog, entitled Jim's Whims here (cute name, right??)

Stop by, take a look and bon appetit!!! ;-)

In other news, Boston Mayor Tom Menino was re-elected to an unprecedented FIFTH term last night - nice job Tommy!!!

And I'm never setting foot in the state of Maine again.

Seriously though...I was SO sad to hear that the people of Maine rejected the gay-marriage law.
If you want to read all about it (and get extremely depressed/angry) the article from is here. Pay special attention to the hate-filled comments that follow the article.

Just when you think people are 'coming around', you realize how far we still have to go.

Anyway...enough depressing news.....go check out Jim's new blog and keep smiling.


Larry Ohio said...

We may be the most hated minority in America. Other minorities who would be logical allies hate us just as much as everyone else. It is very saddening.

Amy said...

I'll never understand why people get their hackles up over same sex marriages. Tsk.

Food blogs. They taunt me. Of course, I still follow them anyway, because I'm just sick like that.