Thursday, June 25, 2009

So far, so good....

Here I am….day four in my new seat.

Everything has gone incredibly well so far.
My commute is pretty steady at ½ hour in both directions, although because of traffic, the ride home tends to be a little longer.
Since I’m getting to work so much earlier (6:30) I’ve been leaving earlier (3:30) which is AWESOME!!!
As far as I know, no one has a problem with me leaving that early and until I’m on a project that requires me to be around later in the afternoon I’m going to stick to that schedule.
It certainly works for me!

On Tuesday night my best friend (Neil) from Florida flew home for a few days. He’s helping take care of some stuff for a mutual friend so he’s here staying with his parents until Friday.
That night we got together at his parent’s house with a couple of other friends and had a GREAT time.
I haven’t seen Neil since Christmas and the other friends who joined us (Nancy and Amy) I hadn’t seen in almost 3 YEARS – which is really scary, since neither one of them lives more than 45 minutes from me. But – they have kids and we all have our own things going on, so it’s understandable. Not to mention the fact that facebook has allowed us to keep in touch without actually seeing one another, so it doesn't feel like it's been that long.
We spent the night laughing, catching up and of course telling a million stories from the ‘olden days’. It was so much fun to see them and be able to spend time with them just like we used to.

Since I last wrote, the weather around here hasn’t improved one bit. It seriously feels like we’re living in London. While the rest of the country is sweltering, we’re suffering through one cold and rainy day after the other…and I’m really sick of it.
According to the weather forecast, there’s supposed to be a ‘break’ in this cycle this afternoon and we’re supposed to have a sunny day today.
I’ll believe it when I see it.

I’m heading right from work into the city for softball practice and then immediately following practice, I have a softball meeting to go to.
It is a softball-full day!!!!
It will be my first time going to practice from my new building, so I’m hoping that I don’t sit in traffic for hours and hours.
If I do - you'll certainly hear about it.

Have a great day!!!

P.S. – I’m keeping my Internet use at work to a minimum until I get a better ‘feel’ of what this place is like, so if you haven’t noticed me commenting or visiting your blogs lately, it’s nothing personal. :-)


RG said...

Softball practice my ass. I was at the fields and your team cancelled! LOL It was such a beautiful day that after practice tonight, I rode home on my scooter without my shirt! Yeah baby - slut city! LOL

Hopefully, we'll get a couple of games in this weekend before the so-called "scattered showers" come in and muck-up the softball fields yet again!

Glad your new work place is going well - can't beat the commute.

AJohnP said...

HA! I'll have to bust Kevin for cancelling practice. That's funny.
Happy to hear you finally got to enjoy your scooter ride!!

See you at 10:45 tomorrow morning.