Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick and to the Point.

OK folks this is going to be quick.

I'm busy packing up my desk and working on my mid-year self evaluation....God help me.

The weekend was VERY fun. Saturday was a beautiful day for the Pride Parade and Block Party, Sunday was a bit dreary but actually turned out to be not-so-bad. We actually hung out by the pool for a while before heading to the Lions Club Charter Night....which turned out to be quite fun. Those CRAZY Lions!!!

Yesterday was another dreary day (weather wise) but it was nice to spend a relaxing night at home with Jim and Scooter.

I finally added some pictures from Gents Weekend and Pride to my flickr account.

Here's a few, but if you want to see some more, just click on the flickr bar to the left and look for the Pride and Gents sets....

Enjoy!!!!! :-)

PS - I know I'm totally 'late to the party' but if you haven't seen or heard of this site...you need to check it out now (it's safe for work, don't worry).
I'm obsessed, and can't stop laughing.

Gents Weekend

Pride 2009


RG said...

Ha-ha! You have to work in the 'burbs now! LOL

Other than you and Jim, who are the two OTHER hotties in the second picture?

AJohnP said...

That would be Tim (left) and his boyfriend Sal (right). Tim was in the group with me and Sal came along for the weekend. They live in Phoenix, but come to the reunion every year. CUTE!