Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let The Weekend Begin!

When I said that I wouldn’t be writing today I was apparently telling a big, fat lie.

As I mentioned yesterday, today I am working out of a different office and I’m so bored I could die.
I’m in a ‘holding pattern’ at the moment about to rip out my eyes if I have to read one more thing about my upcoming project.
There’s nothing ready for me to test at the moment, so until the developers are ready I’m ‘tasked’ with keeping myself entertained.
Thankfully, I’m really good at that. :-)

Let’s see….our pool was opened yesterday, and to our amazement, it really looked great. Sure, the water was green, and there was a considerable amount of algae/slime along the walls and bottom of the pool, but there was hardly any debris in the water at all. In fact, we could already see the bottom of the pool.
After dinner, Jim and I went to Lowe’s and bought some pool chemicals (as well as a new smoke detector) and then while I ‘installed’ the new smoke detector, Jim took care of the pool.

This morning when I went outside to take a peek at the pool I was shocked to see that the water was already blue!!! Sure, it’s not crystal clear, but come on….less than 24 hours ago it was swamp-like and today it was looking 1000 times better. Jim was very happy and said that it was due to the magic stuff we bought last night. I believe his quote was: “It’s because of that stuff I put in it. It clears things up quickly, but if you got in the water right now, your skin would fall off.”
Note to self: Don’t go swimming tonight.

I’m so ready for the weekend, it’s ridiculous. The current plan is for us to get up bright and early tomorrow….I’ll drop Scooter off at daycare (he’s staying for the weekend – which he’ll LOVE) and then I’m getting an oil change, while Jim vacuums the pool and mows the lawn.
At some point before we leave, we’ll pack our bags and hit the road for New Hampshire.

Speaking of New Hampshire……yahoo!!!! Another state has legalized gay marriage!
Come on Rhode Island, it’s time for you to step up.

I’m going to sign off now…..have a great weekend and you’ll hear from me first thing Monday morning.


RG said...

So now that the pool is up and running, albeit in a melt-the-skin-off-your-body sort of way, when can the softball boyz expect an invitation to a pool party? Hmmmm? We're waiting...LOL

M said...

As a Rhode Islander (who grew up in MA - I went to school with you husband :)) I'll agree with you. It's time for RI to step up to the plate, already.