Friday, November 7, 2008


The good news is that Jim made it home safely. The bad news is, he got home at about 2am.

Being the AMAZING husband that I am :-) I waited up for him....or does that just make me an idiot?
Either way, he's home and I'm happy about it.

Work has been nuts-o, which is why I didn't write yesterday.
As of this moment, I'm doing some processing, which allows me to blog whilst I wait.
Lucky, lucky you!

I just finished reading Faggots, a novel written by Larry Kramer. I'd never heard of it until I was reading And The Band Played On, and they mentioned it several times. It was written in 1978 and when it was published, it apparently caused a ruckus in the gay community. Lots of people thought that Mr. Kramer depicted the gays in a 'not so positive light' and they accused him of being a self-loathing homo who did more harm than good for the gays.
After reading it, I can see why they got a little upset, but honestly - I don't think he said anything that wasn't true. At least from what I've heard about gay life 'back then'. When it was written I was most definitely a homo in training, but at 6 years old, I was certainly not out on Fire Island celebrating the upcoming summer months. :-)
I enjoyed the book and if you're looking a little something to read, I suggest it.

OK - I'm going back to stuff is almost done processing.

Have a great weekend!!!

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