Friday, November 21, 2008

One day more....

Another day, another destiny....

Les Mis anyone?
I can't wait for the next revival in 2011. I'm kidding.
I'm planning on avoiding that musical for while. You can bet your bottom dollar (Annie anyone?) that once the rights become available for community theatres to start producing it, there are going to be more productions of Les Miserables going on at one time than there are Dunkin' Donuts on Route 18.
For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll explain:
When the time comes that community theatres are allowed to produce Les Mis, every theatre on the planet will be doing it.
I can't wait until I see a 42 year old, 350 pound Eponine singing 'On My Own', completely in her head voice. Come know it will happen.
There's only one community theatre in the greater Boston area that should be allowed to produce it...and you know who you are. Only THEN will I see it, so get crackin'.

I apologize for that completely random, musical theatre blog-jacking....crazy.
And did you notice that there were TWO separate musical theatre references thrown in there? Les Mis AND Annie?
Clearly, I'm a man obsessed.

So - today is Friday and the last day of work before my vacation begins. I'm wicked excited.

Note: in this case, the use of wicked is a Boston area slang reference, not a musical theatre reference.

I'm excited not only because I seriously need a break from work, but because I get to see my dad, step-mother and one of my best friends while I'm away. I haven't seen my friend in SO long, and I've never been down to visit him in the time that he's lived in Florida...the same goes for my parents place. They've had it for years now, and I've never been down to see it. I see them often (when they're home for the summers) but I've never visited them in Florida.
It's all VERY exciting.

OK ya'll....I'm signing off for now, but you'll certainly hear from me before we take off on Wednesday night.

Have a great weekend!!!

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JC said...

I am sure 'Les Miz' will hit the local community theater 'season' in about "Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes" and I am sure you will be 'Dancing the Tango Maureen" then...

La Vie Bohème

(Rent, as if I had to cite it)

ps. We're so happy, you're so happy! (Into The Woods)