Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Work Schmerk.....

OK, this work thing is really getting old. Could I BE busier?!?! I don't think so.
Not to mention the fact that it's CLEARLY affecting my Blogging schedule! :-)

Of course, I'm kidding. I'm totally grateful that I have a job....especially given the current economic conditions. I may be busy as all get out, but I'm no fool. I'd rather be busy at work than busy trying to find a job.
There are constant rumors here at work about layoffs, but I'm keeping everything crossed that I remain unaffected. Here's hoping!

Anyway...I owe you all a 'weekend update' so here it is.
It was a fairly uneventful weekend, and it went by WAY too fast, but we got a lot accomplished.
Friday night Jim and I met his parents for dinner at (say it with me....) Ye Olde Standish Grille, followed by a rousing game of YAHTZEE!! at his sister's house. That game is FUN. Thank God I enjoy spending time with my in-laws, or it could be hell on earth.
I'm still battling this hideous cold, so I was not up for a late night. We only played one game and then promptly headed home and went to bed.

Saturday we spent the day cleaning the house, doing laundry and then Jim did a little 'rearranging' of the guest room upstairs. It looks great and feels much bigger. I love that.
At around 3:30, Jim and I headed up to Billerica to visit a couple of friends from my softball team. YAY! We met at their house, hung around there for a bit and then headed to the Burlington Mall for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Knowing that it would be a crazy wait, we checked in and then had PLENTY of time to wander around the mall.
Speaking of the mall....do I really need to see SANTA on November 8th? Really?
Whatever...he was there in all his glory and there were people in line with their kids getting their pictures taken with him, so clearly there's a need.
After wandering around and doing some window shopping, we returned to the waiting area at the restaurant and waited to be 'buzzed'. We ended up getting a booth, which was nice, and as usual the food (and cheesecake) were quite good.
Normally I would NEVER wait that long for a table, especially at a place like The Cheesecake Factory, but it was more about the company than anything else. The food isn't all that spectacular, and the atmosphere is crazy, crowded and loud, but it allowed us to spend time with our friends and enjoy a nice night away from home. It was very fun.
After dinner we went back to their house and played a couple of games. Pictionary (which I haven't played in a LONG time - KNAPSACK!!! KNAPSACK!!!!) and Taboo. Apparently all the time we spend playing games with the Sullivans really paid off, as Jim and I won both games (quite easily, I may add) :-) Since we had a while to drive, we didn't stay too late and returned home to a sleepy puppy who, as always, was very happy to see us.

Sunday morning I had to get up early and go to a meeting for softball, so I did that and then returned home to find Jim knee deep (literally) in leaves. I changed into my 'yard work clothing' to begin raking and hauling leaves. Thankfully, because of where we live, we can just rake them to the back of the yard and into the woods (Sondheim anyone?) behind our house. The amount of leaves in our backyard is really quite amazing. If I had to bag them, I'd probably lose my mind. It took us a while, but it's DONE.
No more shuffling through the leaves to take Scooter out back, and I think he's happy to not have to wade through the leaves to go out and do his 'business'.
After raking, we headed to the grocery store, did our weekly shopping (which included a brief rendezvous with a local musical theatre diva who met us in aisle 7 to pick up a copy of a cd I had made for an upcoming audition she has...fun) and we returned home where Jim proceeded to make his very own version of schnitzel with noodles (Rodgers and Hammerstein anyone?) for dinner. It was SOOOO good, and made an excellent dinner again last night.....and if there was any left, I'd have it again tonight. Seriously...it was that good.

Today is Veteran's Day and while it's not a holiday for me - there are lots of people it IS a holiday for. Jim is home and all my school teacher type friends are home as well.
I'm a little jealous....but I know I'll get a lot done today without all those pesky interruptions. :-)

If you see a vet today...thank them...I'm sure they'd appreciate it.
Just make sure it's the kind that went to war and not the kind that can diagnose kennel cough...that would be a little awkward.

In the spirit of my post...here are some pictures from last year's leaf raking extravaganza.

Oh....speaking of Scooter (really, when am I NOT speaking of Scooter?)....he's been wearing his new sweater on his walks the past few days.

It's been pretty darn cold around these parts, and I think he loves wearing it.

Really...he does.


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AJohnP said...

And that's one of the many reasons I love you. :-)

PS - don't sneeze, or you'll chip a tooth.

Julie said...

On Saturday night we couldn't stand the wait time for dinner at "Mockingbird", so John, Michael, & I went to "Ye Olde Standish Grille"! I remember you raving about it and we had a great meal and a very nice waitress. Fun! Thanks for the recommendation!