Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lucky, lucky me

Remember that time I woke up and there was no heat or hot water in my house?
That was nice.

Yes folks....I woke up this morning to no heat and no hot water.
This calls for a celebration!!!!

Seriously was C-O-L-D in our house this morning. It was around 58-60 degrees but it felt a lot colder. I gently woke Jim up to let him know, and then went downstairs to get ready for best I could. I'm pretty sure it's just that we're out of oil...apparently it was a tad lower than we though. Ooops. Jim will call them when he gets up and hopefully they'll be able to come by today, fill us up, and re-start the furnace. I'll keep you posted.

I decided that taking an ice cold shower was NOT an option, so I did my best to 'wash up' in the sink...all the while trying not to scream because the water was SO incredibly cold. My biggest concern was that poor Scooter was going to be stuck in a freezing cold house all day. However, Jim reminded me (in his dreamlike state) that today is a daycare day - so thankfully Scooter will be all toasty and warm. Of course, we could have just thrown a sweater on him and called it a day, but knowing him, he would have eaten half of it by the time we got home from work.

Can I just say that I'm in LOVE with facebook? Sure, it's totally overwhelming at times - and I run the risk of getting 'friend requests' from people that you want nothing to do with, but I love that it allows you to reconnect with people from your past. I think it's a great way to get a quick update from people you haven't seen in a long time without having to commit to anything 'long term'. :-) As a fun example, I just reconnected with someone from high school who I haven't heard from in years and as it turns out, she lives about 10 minutes away from me and we've been taking the same train as one another for about a year. I saw her this morning and we had a brief chat...she looks great and is doing well. Yay facebook!!

OK....time to get busy. I only have to get through today and tomorrow, and then the fun begins!!!!


Anonymous said...

who is it from facebook? someone i know??


JC said...

love Scooter's sherpa sweater.

AJohnP said...

I'll tell him you said so...we think that he likes it too, although he's definitely not a fan of the hood. :-)