Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rain irritates me...

It's raining out and I'm annoyed. It would be one thing if I were cuddled up on the couch watching TV, or lounging in front of the fireplace, but come on people!!!
I have things to do, and I don't need to be wet when I do them.
Thankfully, I can get from work to the train without getting wet (thanks to that nifty underground tunnel that runs under the road) and then I can still stay dry when I switch trains (both times) but there is no way for me to get from the train to my car without getting wet, and that annoys me. I suppose I'll just have to get over it, but I'm not going to pretend that I'm at all happy about it.

It could be worse. I could be going to the Patriots game tonight. THAT would be a nightmare.
Sitting in the stadium in the wet and cold? No thank you. I'd much rather sit on the couch and watch the game in the comfort of my living room.

Have I mentioned that horrible, HORRIBLE performer on the train platform lately? I don't think I have. Well, he's still there just about every morning and he's still absolutely horrendous.

That concludes my train performer update for the week.

Jim and I are planning on cleaning the cellar tonight. If I may be perfectly honest, I'm not exactly looking forward to it. Mostly because it's messy (hence the reason it needs cleaning), and who the heck wants to clean the cellar??
Just like everything else I dread, I'm sure it'll be fine and not nearly as torturous as I'm building it up to be. I tend to do's the drama queen in me.

What else???

Work is work....people are all worried about layoffs, and the latest rumor is that December 3rd is the date that the axe will swing. I'll be romping about on a Florida beach on December 3rd, so hopefully I'm not getting laid off. However, if I am being let go, apparently I'll be in for a very RUDE awakening upon my return. What can you do? No sense in worrying about it.
Of course, if I do get laid off, that means a LOT more reading for you folks - and a lot more bitching from me. :-)
I'm kidding...I'll keep thinking positive thoughts and hopefully it will all work out in my favor.

Is it me or do a lot of people walk really slowly? I think of this every morning as I try to get to work. I'm constantly stuck behind the slowest walkers in the city. This makes me think that maybe I'm a faster walker than most people. Although I don't notice it when I'm out for a leisurely walk with friends. It's not like I'm walking 20 feet in front of everyone else screaming behind me for them to 'catch up', but when I'm trying to walk to catch a train (for example) it's as if I'm being held back by a wall of people who are DETERMINED not to let me pass. It's as if they're all in cahoots with one another; creating some sort of human wall who's main goal is to annoy me. And it works very well. Add that to the talentless man 'singing' on the platform and you've got one hell of a commute. No WONDER I'm so cranky some mornings!!!

Did y'all hear about that poor, crazy-assed fan of Paula Abdul's that killed herself out in front of Paula's house? That is just nuts. Clearly she wasn't well. I mean, first of all, she's all ga-ga over Paula Abdul which is odd in and of itself, but then to commit suicide in front of Paula's house? Talk about the icing on the fruitcake. When stuff like that happens, I feel so badly for the poor girl's family. CLEARLY there was a lot going on with her and she wasn't getting the help she needed.
I'll have to check out the news tonight and see if there's anymore important info. I'm missing...but it's just sad, sad, sad.

Well, that's all for now....I have to take off soon and make an attempt to stay dry.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm just as pleased as punch!!!


Julie said...

It appears that the fan that killed herself actually auditioned for "Idol" and was on TV...she sang "Proud Mary" and was horrible. Poor thing...keep on burnin'...

RookieRuggerLSU said...

Lord yes she was horrendous. The chick actually resembled Abdul asthetically - who the hell would want to make themselves look like a trainwreck?!?!