Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you miss me??

So much to say.

I didn’t get a chance to Blog yesterday because I got to work late and it was non-stop excitement from the time I walked in the door. (That’s sarcasm, people)
Jim is once again traveling for work and will gone until Thursday.
This time he’s in San Francisco attending a conference…and I’m home, tending to the pooch and the other things that need tending.

Hmmmm, let’s see.
The weekend.

Friday was Halloween and we only had abut 14 kids come to the house lookin’ for treats. Included in that number was a group of four kids and three adults….the adults were in costumes and trick or treating as well. Really? At first, I wasn’t sure if they were adults or just really big teens, but as it turns out they were definitely trick or treating adults. Two witches and a Jason (of ‘Friday the 13th’ fame). Whatever….at least they were in costume and not just looking for handouts.
Around 8:30 or so, Jim and I ‘packed it in’ and headed to the Grille for dinner. At the Grille we ran into Jim’s sister, her husband and their oldest daughter who were there eating as well. I love that place. Have I mentioned it before? I‘m pretty sure I have, but it bears repeating. Love it.

Saturday morning we got up and I took my car to get an oil change while Jim stayed home and packed for his trip. When I got home, we threw together an overnight bag for the two of us (as well as one for Scooter), loaded up the car, dropped Scooter off at doggie daycare and started the trek to Connecticut.
If I hadn’t mentioned it before, Jim and I went to his cousin’s wedding in Connecticut Saturday night.
It was about a 2 1/2 hour ride and once we got there (around noon), we were pleased to find that we were able to check into the hotel right away, as opposed to waiting for the 3pm check in time. Happy days!
I loved the room we ended up with. We had a delightful sitting area, a refrigerator, a microwave and a big-ass bed…very comfy. Within a half hour of our arrival, the rest of Jim’s family arrived. We packed ourselves into a couple of cars and went in search of lunch. After a few unsuccessful stops (dive after dive), we found ourselves at the local mall, which was home to a Red Robin. I was especially excited, because I’ve never been to one and only know them from their commercials (Red Robinnnn!)
Aside from the fact that we had the DUMBEST waitress alive, it was a very pleasant experience…and the food was really good.
Don’t get me wrong, our waitress was very nice, but dumber than a box of hair...to the point that I was feeling bad for her. Anyway, we managed to survive the dim waitress and returned to the hotel (after stopping to grab some beers for the hotel room) to play a few games of ‘Left, Right, Center’ as well as ‘He Said, She Said’.
I’m not going to get into the Sullivan family and their game playing…that’s a blog for another day. Suffice it to say, that anywhere the Sullivans are, games will be played.
Once the games were finished, we split up and got ready for the wedding.

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL.
Not only was it a super-quick ceremony, (which I LOVED) but it was held in a quaint, little chapel on the grounds of the reception site which was beautiful.
Immediately following the ceremony, we walked over to the ballroom, ‘checked in’ and found our table. Jim and I were seated with his entire family (9 people all together) so it worked out great. Not that I don’t like sitting with ‘strangers’ at a wedding, but it’s always nice to sit with an entire table of people you already know. :-)
It was open bar all night (excellent) and there was more food than I’ve ever seen a wedding in my life. They had a TON of hot and cold appetizers, (passed, as well as three stations on the dance floor) and once they were done with that, the meal was served. We had a little bit of everything (there were three entrees to choose from) at the table, and by all accounts the food was delicious across the board. Good work, Mister Chef!!!
After eating more than any human being should, they came around asking if we wanted seconds, or if we wanted to wrap anything up and take it to-go.

Say WHAT?!?!? NEVER before have I seen this. Oh well…there’s a first time for everything.

After a group “We’re all set.” they proceeded to set up the MOST INCREDIBLE dessert tables I’ve ever seen in my life.
And by tables, I mean TABLES, this thing was about 5 buffet tables long. It was truly insane.
I’ll try and list off all the amazing things that they put out: there were tiny pastries of every kind imaginable, several varieties of cheesecakes, wedding cake, canollis (being filled right before your eyes), Belgian waffles, 3 different kinds of ice cream to have on the waffles (or as a sundae) hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate mousse, chocolate dipped fruits, coffee royale, chocolate cups filled with whatever liqueurs you wanted, strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas…and I think that’s it. :-)
Yes, it was a little bit of heaven spread across the front of the room. About that cholesterol????

I was actually very good and kept myself under control. I only had a couple of chocolate covered strawberries, and a caramel sundae….and I tasted some of Jim’s chocolate mousse...and I tried the wedding cake. But that's IT!
Again…it was all sooooo yummy.
We danced for a while, drank for a while, took the shuttle back to the hotel and went to bed.

Jim and I got up fairly early on Sunday and headed back home. We made excellent time, so we were able to go and pick up Scooter together (who was very happy to see us) and then spend some time at home before the car service came to whisk Jim away to San Francisco.
Once Jim was gone, I caught up on all the laundry that needed doing and spent some quality time (on the couch) with Scooter.

As I said earlier, things were crazy at work yesterday, which has made for a very calm Tuesday….ELECTION DAY!!!
Go out and vote…every vote counts!!!

Oh – and I FINALLY heard back about ‘Jerry Springer: The Opera’. Unfortunately, I wasn’t cast. Cest la vie!
The director informed me that they were really looking for a more legit/operatic sound (as the title implies) which totally isn’t me, so they decided against casting me.
Whether or not I agree (or believe them) is irrelevant, but I do know that I’ll have PLENTY of free time this April and May. :-)



Jim Sullivan said...

We went to Ruby Tuesdays. But Red Robin is good too, you will like that.

AJohnP said...

It was?
Good God....that's what I get for making fun of the waitress.