Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

I don't know why that popped into my head (Thirsty Thursday) but it did.  I mean, I know why it did - because it's Thursday - but it's not something I've thought of in a long since college.
You know when Thursday was (for some odd reason) the official kick-off to the weekend?!?  Isn't that funny how that happens?  Even now, we live near a college and if you try to go out on a Thursday night and find yourself in one of the places that the 'kids' frequent, it tends to be super-crowded.  Whatever, good for them!!!  If they can go out and party on a Thursday night and still function on Friday, more power to them. 
I'd rather sleep. :-)

My sister, two of her daughters, and four of their friends stopped by our house yesterday afternoon for a quick dip in the pool.  It was nice to have them over.  I'm used to Jim's sister and her family being over, but it was nice to have my side of the family stopping by to enjoy the pool.  What was even nicer was that they felt totally comfortable there, which I was a little worried about.  Since they don't live as close to us as Jim's family does, they don't come by as often.  I was worried that they may not feel 'at home', but as soon as they got there, they were in the pool and before I knew it all the pool toys, masks, etc. were out, and they were having a great time!!

I have softball practice tonight after work and I really hope the weather isn't unbearable.  I'm in no mood to collapse on the softball field tonight.  It's supposed to be a lot nicer today...I just hope Dylan (one of my favorite weather gals) is right, and it's not going to be too hot.
Speaking of news reporters.....I kind of love the folks who do the morning news on channel 7 in Boston (the chosen station of our home).  Anne and Adam are a great team and they make me laugh.  Some of the folks out 'on the streets' kind of make me crazy, but overall I like the whole bunch.

Side note: two of them are gay and pretty easy on the eyes as well, which certainly doesn't hurt.

OK everyone...this totally random, rambling post is all I've got for today.....have a great day and stay cool!! 

This is Anne....she make me laugh

This is Adam ('family member' #1)

This is Dylan....she's the weather gal.

This is Ryan ('family member' #2)

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